Gay Guide Serbia

The age of consent in Serbia is 14, regardless of sexual orientation and/or gender. In March 2009, Parliament approved the anti-discrimination law, which prohibits the discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or transgender status. In 2014, the anti-discrimination provisions were yet again extended. But the new legal situation has so far failed to reduce the violence and discrimination daily experienced by people with same-sex preferences. Any public display of homosexual desire or behaviour on the street, in parks or non-gay clubs can still be dangerous. Western-oriented groups in Serbia, who want to lead the country into the European Union, saw this cancellation as a setback. During the Gay Pride 2010 in Belgrade dozens of protesters from a right wing nationalist group clashed with marchers and police. Police used water cannon and tear gas to disperse the protesters. Pride events have been cancelled in Belgrade in recent years because of safety concerns after 5,000 police officers had to be deployed in 2010 to protect 1,000 Pride marchers from counter-demonstrators. In 2013, the announcement of the ban was followed by a spontaneous demonstration on the night before the planned Pride march. This march went peacefully because the counter-demonstrators to be normally expected were unprepared for the unplanned event. Banning Gay Pride events also finds broad support in the population.

Cities in Serbia


Name: Srbija · Serbien ·Serbie ·Serbia ·Serbian
Location: South-eastern Europe
Initials: SRB
International country code: 381 (omit 0 from area code)
Language: Serbian
Area: 77,474 km² / 29,912 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Dinar (N. Din) = 100 Para
Population: 7,224,000
Capital: Beograd (Belgrad)
Religions: 85% Serbian Orthodox

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