Gay Guide Serbia

The age of consent in Serbia is 14 years for all, regardless of sexual orientation and / or gender. In March 2009, parliament approved an anti-discrimination law which, among other things, prohibits the discrimination of people on the grounds of sexual orientation or identity in all areas. In 2014, the anti-discrimination provisions were extended once again. Since 2006 there has been a constitutional exclusion of gay marriage; registered civil partnerships are also not possible. Transsexuality is still classified as a disease. Violence against homosexuals is decreasing only hesitantly. The public display of homosexual affection or even lust in the streets, in parks or in non-gay clubs can still be dangerous. At the Pride Parade 2010 in Belgrade there were violent clashes between dozens of counter-demonstrators and the participants as well as the police. The police used water cannons and tear gas at various points along the route. After the Pride had to be cancelled again and again in the last few years due to security concerns, a Pride took place again in 2014 for the first time after 2010, which was carried out without any violent clashes, just like the Prides in the following years. Serbia is anxious to be accepted into the EU - therefore the country is anxious to strengthen the rights of homosexuals and to protect them from violence. In June 2017, Ana Brnabić became the country's first openly homosexual prime minister and the second worldwide - after the Icelander Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir. Ana Brnabić also became the first Serbian head of state to officially participate in a Pride Parade.

Cities in Serbia


Location: South-eastern Europe
Initials: SRB
International country code: 381 (omit 0 from area code)
Language: Serbian
Currency: 1 Dinar (N. Din) = 100 Para
Population: 7,224,000
Capital: Beograd (Belgrad)
Religions: 85% Serbian Orthodox

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