Gay Guide Spain

The general age of consent in Spain is 16 years. However, if you are over 18, you should be careful with minors. In summer of 2005, the socialist government had implemented complete equality for homosexuals in marriage, adoption and inheritance laws. This has made homosexuality more accepted. In November 2011, the conservative party Partido Popular (PP) won the absolute majority in parliament. Spanish President Rajoy declared that he would take action against gay marriage, but wanted to wait for the decision of the highest court. In November 2012, the Constitutional Court decided by 8 votes to 3 that the law for homosexual marriage was valid. The enormous social modernisation of recent decades has for some time been leading to the discovery of homosexuals as an economic potential. Gay tourists hardly ever face resentment and discrimination, even in the most remote provinces. Especially in the big metropolitan areas like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville the open gay scene is developing rapidly with an ever broader range of offers. But beware that the content is not always gay when there is a rainbow stamped on it. More gay pride parades take place every year. Many folk festivals like Carnaval (especially in Tenerife and Cádiz), Feria de Abril (Sevilla) or Fallas (Valencia) offer you the best of colourful gay life and sometimes turn out to be very well-organised events. Even if people really get uninhibited in all that festive frenzy, be cautious. Most Spaniards that are totally relaxed about things consider their fellow countrymen to be completely conservative. So they are especially careful and extremely discreet where they live. The famous Spanish passion is only unleashed behind carefully closed blinds. Spain is famous for seaside holidays. The gays have secured the most beautiful spots depending on the season: Ibiza, Sitges and Torremolinos are popular destinations in summer, the Canaries all year round. In addition, small gay boarding houses have opened on almost all coasts and on most islands in recent years. Away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities they allow visitors to get a taste of country air. It is no coincidence that Spain is Europe's #1 holiday destination.

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Cities in Spain

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Location: Southwest Europe
Initials: ESP
International country code: 34
International access code: 00
Language: Spanish, (regional languages include: Catalan, Basque & Galician.)
Population: 46,218,000
Capital: Madrid
Religions: more than 90% Roman Catholic
Climate: Ideal months to visit with excellent weather are May, Jun & Sep (plus Apr & Oct in the south). High summer with many Spanish and foreign tourists in Jul & Aug.

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