Gay Guide Mexico

The legislation in Mexico does not punish relations between persons of the same sex, on condition that both consenting individuals are over the age of majority. Any sexual relation with a person under 12 years is considered rape, for both hetero and homosexuals. The age of consent is 18 years for women and men. The constitution protects the freedom of sexual preferences. In a Catholic country like Mexico prejudice towards homosexuality still exists. Such reactionary Catholic values have taken a run-up since the conservative government came into power in 2001. Nevertheless a general atmosphere of tolerance reigns, at least in the big cities. In June 2003 the Federal Law Against Discrimination was approved, which includes sexual minorities and creates a National Council to eradicate all traces of discrimination. In May 2009, Puerto Vallarta's city council repealed Article 40, Section XIV of the misdemeanours code, which defined immorality to include: "public practices that indicate the development of an abnormal sexual life." This law enabled police abuse including the arrest of gay men and lesbians for simple acts of affection, such as holding hands. Both the regional parliament of the northern Mexican state Coahuila and Mexico City's town council have passed a law affording the partnerships of same-sex and unmarried heterosexual couples a legal status. This law gives couples the same legal rights as married couples, apart from the right to adoption, including inheritance and pension rights as well as other social rights. Gay marriage has been introduced in several federal states in 2013, or successfully enforced by way of the courts. These states now include Colima, Chihuahua and Yucatán. The year was also momentous thanks to the election of Benjamin Medrano, the country's first openly gay mayor, in the town of Fresnillo. Mexico is a tourist paradise: wonderful beaches, impressive mountains, vast landscapes from the jungle in the south to the desert in the north, a millennial historical past and the melting of three different cultures into a very dynamic and coloured society. Big, exciting, modern cities, fascinating small colonial villages and rich archaeological areas make of this country a living museum. Last but not less, the authentic Mexican cuisine makes a visit to Mexico a must!

Cities in Mexico

Acapulco - GuerreroCabo San Lucas - Baja California SurGuadalajara - JaliscoMazatlán - SinaloaMérida - YucatánOaxaca - OaxacaPlaya del Carmen - Quintana RooPuerto Vallarta - JaliscoSan Miguel de Allende - GuanajuatoVeracruz - VeracruzZipolite - Oaxaca

Name: México · Mexiko · Mexique · Messico
Location: Southern North America
Initials: MEX
International country code: 52
International access code: 00
Language: Spanish
Area: 1,953,162 km² / 756,061 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Mexican Peso (mex$) = 100 Centavos
Population: 120,847,000
Capital: Ciudad de México
Religions: 84% Roman Catholic, 5,9% Protestant
Climate: Oct-May is the most pleasant time to visit. May-Sep can be hot and humid, particularly in the south, and inland temperatures drop to freezing from Dec-Feb.
Important gay cities: Acapulco, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta

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