Gay Guide Mexico

The age of consent for all is 18, and the freedom to live out sexual preferences is protected by the Constitution. In a Catholic country like Mexico, people are still prejudiced against homosexuality. Since the conservative government came to power in 2001, reactionary Catholic views have increased again. At least in the big cities there is a tolerant atmosphere nonetheless. The federal law against discrimination was adopted June 2003. It takes care of sexual minorities and provides for the formation of a National Council, which should nip in the bud any attempts at discrimination. In May 2009, the City Council of Puerto Vallarta repealed Article 40, Section XIV of the Penal Code, which prohibited the public practice of abnormal sexual acts. This law allowed the police to abusive procedures, including arresting gays and lesbians for simple signs of affection, such as holding hands or kissing in public. Several states introduced or successfully enforced gay marriage in court in 2013. The year was also significant as the city of Fresnillo elected with Benjamin Medrano its first openly gay mayor. In 2015, Mexico's Supreme Court declared the marriage ban for gays and lesbians unconstitutional because it violated the principle of equality. Since this decision does not automatically override the laws of each state, each state must introduce marriage for all separately - 13 of the 31 states have done this so far. Among them is the state of Chihuahua. Its "Zona Rosa" in Namikipa is a gay centre with over 50 gay bars and clubs. However, Puerto Vallarta is still considered the most gay-friendly destination, which is why it is also called the "San Francisco of Mexico". The seaside resort offers a big gay scene, the "Zona Romántica", with hotels, resorts, gay clubs and a gay beaches. Mexico is a true paradise for tourists and has beautiful beaches, impressive mountains, vast landscapes from the southern jungle to the desert in the north, a millennial history and a vibrant and colorful society that has emerged from the mix of three different cultures. Vibrant modern cities, fascinating small colonial villages and archaeological sites make the country a diverse hoiday destination. The Mexican cuisine alone makes a visit to the country worthwile.

Cities in Mexico

Acapulco - GuerreroCabo San Lucas - Baja California SurMexico CityGuadalajara - JaliscoMazatlán - SinaloaMérida - YucatánOaxaca - OaxacaPlaya del Carmen - Quintana RooPuerto Vallarta - JaliscoSan Miguel de Allende - GuanajuatoVeracruz - VeracruzZipolite - Oaxaca

Location: Southern North America
Initials: MEX
International country code: 52
International access code: 00
Language: Spanish
Currency: 1 Mexican Peso (mex$) = 100 Centavos
Population: 120,847,000
Religions: 84% Roman Catholic, 5,9% Protestant
Climate: Oct-May is the most pleasant time to visit. May-Sep can be hot and humid, particularly in the south, and inland temperatures drop to freezing from Dec-Feb.
Important gay cities: Acapulco, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta

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