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The British Virgin Islands, consisting of 36 islands, is a British dependency in the Caribbean. In January 2001 the British government repealed local laws against homosexuality. Discrimination on grounds of sexuality is prohibited under the 2007 Constitution. British Virgin Islands lags far behind not only international standards for the care of persons suffering with HIV/AIDS, but far behind prevailing local standards. Great Britain has assured the British Virgin Islands that it will not exert any pressure on its protectorate to legalize gay marriage. Which very probably means that homosexuals will not be able to marry for a long time to come.

Cities in Caribbean - British Virgin Islands


Name: Les îles Vierges britanniques
Location: Caribbean
Initials: VGB
International country code: 284
Language: English
Area: 153 km² / 59 sq mi.
Currency: 1 US-Dollar (US$) = 100 Cents
Population: 27,800
Capital: Road Town
Religions: 33% Methodist, 17% Anglican, 10% Catholic
Climate: The peak tourist season is Dec-May. Better weather and clearer water between Apr & Aug.

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