Gay Guide Caribbean - Puerto Rico

In June 2015 the overseas United States territory of Puerto Rico decided to allow same-sex marriage. After the Supreme Court ruling that brought same-sex marriage to all 50 states, Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla said that Puerto Rico will follow suit. Puerto Rico is neither a state of the US, nor independent, but 'freely associated' with the US. The Puertoricans are US-citizens but they are not entitled to vote in US-elections. This political position 'in between' and considerable customs privileges ensure economical prosperity for this Caribbean island. Gay activities take place only in the capital, San Juan.

Cities in Caribbean - Puerto Rico

San Juan

Name: Porto Rico
Location: Caribbean
Initials: PRI
International country code: 1 787 or 939 (omit 1 from area code)
International access code: 011
Language: Spanish, English
Area: 8,959 km² / 3,435 sq mi.
Currency: 1 US Dollar (US$) = 100 Cents
Population: 3,667,000
Capital: San Juan
Religions: 72% Catholic
Climate: Tropical marine climate that is mild. Hurricane season (May-Nov). Tourist season Dec-Apr.
Important gay cities: San Juan

Top Hotels


Close to the leather bars. Some rooms with shared shower/WC, cable TV and 24hrs gay video service. Just a short walk to the city's famous leather scene... more

Casa do Amarelindo

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Babylon Bed & Breakfast

Popular gay resort. Located in prime residential area, though only minutes away from vibrant gay entertainment scene. Mature tropical garden, breathtaking ambience, eclectic arts and design, mixed crowds of gay men from around the world and attentive services are great backdrops for relaxation and for meeting sensual and spiritual expectations. more