Gay Guide Colombia

The age of consent in Colombia is 14 years of age. Same-sex couples are allowed to enter into legal unions in the South American country, but calls for gay marriage were rejected by Congress in 2013. Colombia's constitutional court has legalised adoption by gay couples in November 2015. The court, which reached its decision in a 6-2 vote, said that not allowing gay couples to adopt "limits children's rights to a Family". On the 6th March 2009 the human rights defender and LGBTI representative of the organisation Tinku, Álvaro Miguel Rivera was murdered in the city of Cali. This is the second murder of an LGBTI rights defender in Colombia in the past 13 months. Colombia Diversa, the leading LGBT rights organization in Colombia, was a driving force in this cause. The gay scene in Bogotá is increasing in size. There are many gay venues in the city. An annual Gay Pride Parade takes place each June in Bogotá as well as in Medellin, and Cali. In November 2009 the first public event for sexual diversity in Cartagena took place. The security situation for tourists to Colombia has generally improved over the last five years. Nevertheless, it is presently advisable to avoid travelling in the Departaments Chocó, Putumayo, Nariño and Arauca in particular.

Cities in Colombia


Name: Kolumbien · Colombie
Location: Northwest coast of South America
Initials: COL
International country code: 57 (omit 9 of area codes)
International access code: 009
Language: Spanish
Area: 1,141,748 km² / 439,735 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Columbian Peso (Col$) = 100 Centavos
Population: 47,704,000
Capital: Bogotá
Religions: 80-90% Roman Catholic
Climate: Tropical climate along the coast and eastern plains. The highlands are cooler.
Important gay cities: Bogota, Cali, Cartagena & Medellin

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