Gay Guide Egypt

It is no surprise that homosexuality is illegal in Egypt. Article 9(c) of Egypt's "Law on the Combating of Prostitution" forbids male homosexual conduct. This provision punishes the "habitual" practice of fujur ("debauchery") and di'ara (prostitution /commercial sex) with up to three years' imprisonment, plus fines. Arrest and torture of homosexuals as well as men accused of being homosexual is common practice. Support and sympathy can not be expected from family members. Islam is not just a religion but rather a way of life and gay life stands in contradiction to Islam. The dramatic reversals of revolution and counter-revolution holding Egypt in their grip since 2011 leave an uncertain legal situation in their wake. The focus is hence initially on issues such as passing a new constitution. There are no indications at this moment in time that LGBT rights will be improved in the coming years. The police continue to monitor gay chat rooms in Egypt and trap gay men by arranging a date with their unsuspecting victim. Our advice: when you have to visit Egypt, please be extremely cautious. Don't use local chat rooms and be careful when visiting cruising areas. By using common sense you can keep out of trouble and enjoy this ancient culture and its people.

Cities in Egypt

Cairo/El Qâhira

Name: Misr · Ägypten · Egypte · Egipto · Egitto
Location: Northeastern Africa
Initials: EGY
International country code: 20 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: Arabic
Area: 1,002,000 km² / 385,227 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Egyptian Pound (Egypt£) = 100 Piastres
Population: 80,722,000
Capital: Cairo (Al-Qâhirah)
Religions: 80% Moslem (almost all Sunni)
Climate: Everywhere south of Cairo is uncomfortably hot in the summer months (Jun-Aug). Winter (Dec-Feb) is the best time to visit Luxor and Aswan.

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