Gay Guide Egypt

Homosexuality is prohibited in Egypt. Article 9(c) of the Egyptian "Law against Prostitution" prohibits same-sex acts between men. The provision punishes the "habits" fujur (debauchery) and di'ara (prostitution/sex for money) with up to three years imprisonment and additional fines. The arrest and torture of homosexuals and men accused of homosexuality is widespread. No support or sympathy can be expected from family members either. Several people were arrested at a concert of the Lebanese band Mashrou'Leilain 2017, which is led by an openly gay singer. The offence: They were waving rainbow flags. Subsequently, further police raids were carried out, the band was banned from performing and at least 84 people were subjected to humiliating anal examinations. This led to an international wave of outrage and sympathy. The Egyptian police continue to monitor gay chat rooms and lure gay men into a trap by dating their unsuspecting victims. In 2019 alone, at least 13 arrests of gay men were attributed to the App Grindr. Private individuals also use the chats and apps to blackmail gay men. According to reports from victims, this has led to a very toxic atmosphere within the community, which is characterised by mistrust and fear. The dramatic upheavals with revolution and counter-revolution that have dominated Egypt since 2011 left an uncertain legal situation. Since then, a lot has happened in Egypt, old structures are slowly breaking down. Also through the spread of social media, homosexuality is being discussed more and more openly. Even the country's news reported on international celebrations of the Day Against Homophobia. Slowly, queer infrastructure is also emerging, the number of gay bars in Egypt's second largest city Alexandria continues to increase. Nevertheless: When visiting Egypt you should be extremely careful. Do not access local chat rooms, do not use apps and refrain from visiting cruising sites. Couples should behave like friends, especially in public. As long as you are very discreet, you will not expose yourself to danger and can enjoy the historical culture and its people unhindered.

Cities in Egypt

Cairo/El Qâhira

Location: Northeastern Africa
Initials: EGY
International country code: 20 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: Arabic
Population: 80,722,000
Religions: 80% Moslem (almost all Sunni)
Climate: Everywhere south of Cairo is uncomfortably hot in the summer months (Jun-Aug). Winter (Dec-Feb) is the best time to visit Luxor and Aswan.

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