Gay Guide Jordan

Homosexuality is officially legal in Jordan, however, gay men can still become victims of honorary murder. Although in many countries in the Middle East, one observes physical closeness between men in public, this should not in any way be confused with being homosexual. A gay scene does exist but unlike that in neighbouring Israel or Lebanon, it is often very secret, isolated, and in many cases relies on internet to arrange contacts. As Jordan is quite computer literate, it is easy to make contact over the internet with gay men. You can meet most single guys, as well as numerous migrant Iraqis at the cruising places listed below. It's important to remember, here as everywhere: rely on eye contact and behave decently. All the meeting places we give here are not purely gay; even so, it will immediately be obvious to the visitor who is gay, that all these men are apparently sitting around randomly and waiting for someone. Jordan is a modern, friendly, western-orientated country, with many contradictions. In many parts of Amman you often get the impression that you are in Europe, but at the next corner you could discover a real taste of the Orient and meet with people who have been educated in a very traditional way. Amman itself is a new city. It is built on several mountains and it's often confusing for the tourist to find their way around. The streets wind in incomprehensible directions between the mountains and the valley. For orientation purposes use the Circles (ring roads), of which there are seven, the outer one is similar to a motorway.

Cities in Jordan


Name: al-Urdunn · Jordanien · Jordanie · Jordania · Giordania
Location: Middle East
Initials: JOR
International country code: 962 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: Arabic, English
Area: 89,342 km² / 35,461 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Jordan-Dinar (JD) = 100 Piastres
Population: 6,318,000
Capital: Amman
Religions: 94% Moslem, 6% Christian
Climate: The best time to visit is spring/fall (Apr-Oct). Summer (July, August) is quite warm in the desert, cooler in Amman. Winter is mild along the Dead Sea , but can snow in Amman.

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