Gay Guide Syria

Section 520 of the Criminal Code criminalises "physical pleasure contrary to the laws of nature", which also includes homosexuality under Islamic law. In recent years, this paragraph has been applied mainly to sex with minors. Compared to countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, homosexual acts have been punished less frequently here. However, homosexual relationships are still socially outlawed and considered incompatible with Islam. Most Syrian homosexuals lead a double life. Syria is a secular state, so the power of religious leaders is limited. Homosexuals living inconspicuously are mostly ignored by the Syrian authorities. It is not a problem for tourists to invite Syrians into their hotel rooms, and unlike other countries in the region, bribery is not the norm. In the course of the "Arab Spring" in 2011, the once consolidated political situation became unstable. Protests against the regime led to a war that has now cost the lives of 400,000 people and made ca. 11.6 million Syrians to flee both within and outside the country. The gay scene is hidden and discreet. There are no gay bars or rainbow flags visible, eye contact is the means to establish contact with like-minded people. In contrast to the situation in many other Arab states, prostitution is rather rare. In Syria, it is said, "the walls have ears", so you should enjoy the sights of the country and avoid any trouble. Syria is considered the cradle of civilisation alongside Iraq. The small country offers countless monuments, antiquities, archaeological sights, mosques, churches, synagogues as well as the famous necropolis in the north, which remind of a glorious history of ancient states. Syria has always been a crossroads of eastern and western cultures. For tourists, Syria still offers well-kept secrets as well as numerous beautiful and fascinating places. Syrians meet foreign visitors with warm hospitality and cordiality. Syria is definitely worth a visit – once the political situation is stable again. You can dive into a completely different world here and enjoy the country's famous sites.

Cities in Syria


Location: Middle East
Initials: SYR
International country code: 963 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: Arabic
Population: 22,399,000
Capital: Damascus (Dimashq)
Religions: 87% Muslim, 10% Christian
Climate: Syria has a 175km long coastline. Lanscape is mostly deser. Hot, dry, sunny summers (June to August) and mild, rainy winters (December to February) along coast; cold weather with snow or sleet periodically in Damascus.

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