Gay Guide Frankfurt/Main


Those who visit Frankfurt will be reminded of an American city rather than a European City, as it is the only city characterised by its sky scrapers. This city of superlatives has the largest airport in continental Europe, the world famous fair and exhibition centre and all the most important German banks can be found here. Nevertheless only 650.000 people live here. This is noticable when one visits the local, small but welcoming gay scene. One always encounters many foreigners here, and in contrast to many other large European cities, it is easy to strike up a conversation over a beer or glass apple wine. The tourist attractions in this city, completed demolished during the war, include the Römer, the opera house the Gothic Emperor's Dome and the Paul's Church - making Frankfurt one of Germany's most historical cities. Other recommendations include the Kunsthalle Schirn, the Architecture Museum and the Städel. The large Christopher Street Parade and its parties take place from the 14th to 16th July 2017.

Saunas Frankfurt/Main