Political turbulence, a turn to the right, Brexit and increasing violence against LGBTs … It comes just at the right time: the rainbow flag of the EU stands for a united, tolerant Europe.
It was designed by the citizens’ movement “Pulse of Europe”. The proceeds from the flags will be used for “Pulse of Europe” to appear at pride parades in all of Europe next year, especially in Eastern European countries.

A striking number of those countries are in the lower range of our  Gay Travel Index 2019 – queer visibility and the idea of a united, tolerant Europe should therefore be more strongly represented there. You and your flag can join the tour next year!

Where do I get my own?


At the Europride in Vienna in June the flag was the bomb – you want one too?
For 15 Euro you can buy it and support the Kickstarter campaign. It still runs for 12 days.

Get your flag here

Want to know more about Pulse of Europe? 

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