I like my town since…
it offers an incredibly wide range of cultural and political events. Washington is also a very pleasant and quiet city that can be easily explored on foot or by bicycle.

Best time to travel
The best time for a visit is April/May, when the rather cold winter, sometimes with loads of snow is over and the sun is so strong that you can enjoy the outdoors again – and everything is green.

Restaurant tip
The Floriana (1602 17th Street NW) is an Italian restaurant where you can sit outside in the summer and enjoy a delicious Italian meal. My tip: The ravioli “Zucca” – incredibly delicious ravioli filled with pumpkin! And when you have finished your meal and just care for another drink, you can move to the cellar bar Dito.

Best Bar
The best – and also most traditional – bar is the JRs (1519 17th Street NW), that is always busy and where everyone is welcome. There is always a colourful mix of people, all relaxed and open-minded. The crowd is not super hip, just the average pleasant ‘normal’. Best day to go there is Sunday from 16h00.

Best Club
The Ziegfeld’s (1824 Half Street SW) is a very special place as it provides entertainment by completely naked dancers all night long. It is incredible – there are about ten men on the counter, dancing naked. VERY unusual for the US.

Best Flirt
The most beautiful place for flirting is around the fountain at Dupont Circle. It is almost always busy with people at any time of day or night, and there are many gays sitting on the benches or on the fountain steps. But it is not a cruising area.

Not to miss
The “High Heel Race” takes place on the Tuesday before Halloween. It started 25 years ago as a bet between two drag queens: Who would be the fastest one on high heels from Cobalt into JR? Since then there has been a race like this every year at 9 o’clock on this day. You can either join, but have to wear high-heels or just watch. Before the race there is a two-hour parade showing the best costumes, the race itself is a pretty fast event.

Insider tip
Thursday evening at the Duplex Diner (2004 18th Street NW)! Actually, this is a traditional diner for the gay public. But on Thursday at 10 pm the tables will be put to the sides and a crowd will fill the space. That’s the best Washington has to offer in terms of a night out, and very popular with the cooler, more stylish men!



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