I love the magic of architecture. Life in Paris seems like life in a museum to me. I also love to sit on a terrace of a bar, sipping a glass of wine, watching people and flirting with men. Paris is romantic, sexy and glamorous.

Spring is definitely the best time to visit Paris. Parisians are simply more relaxed (Yes, Parisians can be very nasty – especially in winter when it rains cats and dogs).

One of my favourite restaurants is Astier, a Parisian bistro in the 11th district (44 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud). Chequered tablecloths on the tables, the waiters wear aprons – the scene is just as wonderful as the food in your plate.

I like to go to Les Marronniers in the heart of Marais (18 rue des Archives), a great place to spend time with friends. and the place to watch and be seen.

BEST CLUB I am deeply attached to the club Queen because I met my boyfriend there (102 avenue des Champs Elysées). The very special party “Overkitsch” takes place there every Saturday.

You can flirt anywhere in Paris. It’s a very romantic city, but the trendy Marais district is the place where you can flirt openly with the men you see in the street or in a bar. There it is also no problem with two men holding hands.

Go to the catacombs and pretend to be less afraid of the bones and skulls than of the guy you want to flirt with down there. Other favourites are window shopping on Avenue Montaigne and a night of dancing at The Tango (13 rue au Maire), a dance floor cum drag show.

My favourite place in Paris is Le Buttes Chaumont park, a beautiful 19th-century park adorned with rocks, grottos, waterfalls and a hill with a small temple on top.
(Published in Spartacus Traveler 3/11)


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