Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro underlines his position as a homophobe once again.

During a breakfast meeting with press representatives he declared he doesn’t want Brazil to become a paradise for gay tourists. Sex tourism – no problem for Bolsonaro as long as the tourists are heterosexual. Bolsonaro’s justification: “We have families”.

Homophobe – and proud about it

Bolsonaro’s political views are mostly far-right conservative and neoliberal. He is  president of Brazil since 1 January 2019. He has already attracted attention with racist, misogynistic and homophobic statements in the past. LGBT activists all over the world went up in arms when he declared he would rather see his son being killed in an accident than being with another man. The president does not deny his homophobia – he described himself as “homophobe and proud” [about it].

LGBT Pride Parade in São Paulo

British actor Stephen Fry who is openly gay interviewed Jair Bolsonaro in 2013. In this interview, Bolsonaro claimed that “homosexual fundamentalists” brainwashed heterosexual children. Their goal, according to Bolsonaro: turning the kids into homosexuals they then can use for sex.

Brazil ranked 68th in the Spartacus Gay Travel Index 2019 next to other countries, among them Kosovo and Bulgaria.

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