Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro follows in the footsteps of Donald Trump and heaps absurd accusations at the World Health Organisation (WHO). There is a system to it!

Last Thursday, the right-wing populist, who calls himself a proud homophobe, accused the WHO of encouraging young children to masturbate and become homosexual: “This is the World Health Organisation whose recommendations on the coronavirus I am supposed to follow from the point of view of some people,” he wrote in a Facebook post that was later removed.

Bolsonaro did not provide any evidence for his claims, but they may be related to a tweet from his advisor Arthur Weintraub. Weintraub had previously claimed that the WHO was encouraging children aged 0-4 years to masturbate. He linked the tweet to a WHO publication from 2010.



Absurd diversionary tactic


Bolsonaro’s attacks on the WHO are likely to be linked to his highly controversial position on how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. 92,200 infected and 6,400 dead were reported by John Hopkins University today – but Bolsonaro denies any responsibility. When asked how it could be that Brazil has more corona deaths than China, Bolsonaro replied

“I am Messiah Bolsonaro. but I do not perform miracles.”

At least the latter is probably correct, because Jair Bolsonaro himself was ill with COVID-19 and according to media reports is still plagued by a severe cough.

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