Three weeks after Sweden’s heir to the throne, Victoria (43), gave a fiery speech in favor of equal rights, Denmark’s crown princess Mary (48) also stood up for the community. Her five-minute speech was broadcast as part of the Copenhagen Pride Week. In June she gave a speech at Global Pride, next year she will be the patron of World Pride in Copenhagen – never before has a member of the Danish royal family been so committed to queers.

Due to the Corona pandemic, Pride events in other Danish cities like Aalborg and Aarhus were cancelled this year – the Copenhagen Pride still took place, but in a new format. The TV show on Saturday evening was a kind of replacement for the parade in Copenhagen. Crown Princess Mary also gave a speech. She explained that the rights of LGBTIQ+ in Denmark are self-evident and not a subject of discussion.

“The right to be who we are means that we all feel valued and accepted – unconditionally. That we are included – because everyone has the right to belong”.



A good society can only function if everyone is treated equally and with respect and if everyone has the same opportunities. She is proud that Denmark is at the forefront of queer rights, said the Australian-born princess.

“I feel it on journeys where I am met with admiration all over the world because we in Denmark dare to take the lead in securing rights for all people regardless of gender, gender identity and sexuality”.

She also invited the queer community, her allies and the whole world to the World Pride 2021, which will take place in Copenhagen. Mary is the patron of the event. This is the first time that a member of a royal family has led a major international queer event. The event includes not only a parade, but also the queer EuroGames with 29 sporting events and the Human Rights Forum, which is set to become the world’s largest LGBTQ+ conference.

Mary has already given a speech at the online Global Pride in June, where she spoke for the community. She made history with this speech: Never before had a member of the Danish royal family publicly sided with LGBTIQ+ in this way.


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  • 675px-Mary,_Crown_Princess_of_Denmark_and_Frederik,_Crown_Prince_of_Denmark_in_2015-2: By Frankie Fouganthin / CC BY-SA 4.0 /
  • Mary: By: Danish Royal House / Kongehuset

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