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German sex educators and integration commissioners on Thursday called for increased sexual education measures for fugitives. At the conference on “Sexual Diversity and Flight”, one of the topics discussed was how to overcome existing prejudices.

According to the organizers, the conference, which took place in Naumburg in Saxony-Anhalt, was the first of its kind in Germany. Diverse advanced training courses and workshops were offered, about 180 trained specialists took part. Sexual scientist Heinz-Jürgen Voß demanded: “Sexual education must become part of integration work nationwide”.

Damaris Berger, head of the education office in the Burgenlandkreis district administration office, explains the importance of the topic. Sexual education is not only a marginal, but also a key issue in relation to integration.


40 percent have trouble to adjust


The importance of such a conference was only demonstrated last week by the survey of refugees by the Independent Council of Experts on Migration (SVR). The subject of the survey was cultural and social differences between the respective countries of origin and Germany.

Particularly when dealing with homosexuality, large discrepancies were noticed. 89 percent stated that the equality of homosexuals was important to the people in Germany. Still, only an average of 30 percent of those questioned stated it for their home country. And around 40 percent said it was difficult or very difficult for them to adjust to it.

The Council of Experts on Migration announced: “In terms of content, integration measures should focus even more on aspects of sexual orientation – especially homosexuality – and on the emotional role of the family.”

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