Croatia has become an insider tip for gay travellers in recent years. The local gay scene is turning more self-confident and is getting bigger and bigger, the population is also making progress – although there is still a social taboo regarding homosexuality. Therefore, when visiting this beautiful country, the following applies: The local gays are not necessarily used to yet if someone approaches them too openly. You should take it slowly.

We have listed below some Croatian beaches that are known for being gay-friendly. On some of them there is also a lot of cruising taking place.


1. Duilovo Beach


This beach is near the beautiful city of Split. It is not a nudist beach, but there is a nearby cruising area in the surrounding woods, so you can often find gay men on the beach. You can reach the beach from Split by bus number 15 or by car. Duilovo Beach is rather rocky and lined by beautiful pine trees.


2. Kasjun Beach

Also the visit of Kasjun Beach is a must for every Split vacationer due to its proximity to the Croatian city. The rocky beach is located on a large peninsula that prodtrudes into the Adriatic Sea to the west of the city center.
Especially many gays can be found in the area just before the Institute of Oceanography. A bus (number 12) from Split also travels there.
The further west you go, less and less the bathers wear. You will not only find gays here, but also a mixed crowd, which is gay-friendly.
The beach is clean, quiet and secluded. You will also find many locals here. Especially on warm summer nights, there is a lot going on here.


3. Jarun Lake



There is an official nudist beach near the capital Zagreb at Jarun Lake. There are many gays here in the summer, but some cruising is also happening in the rest of the year.
On the island “Otok Hrvatske Mladeži” (Island of Croatian Youth) opposite the beach, there are many opportunities to make new acquaintances in the secluded woods. As soon as you cross the bridge to the island, you should keep left.


4. Lokrum Island

Just like the city of Split, Dubrovnik has developed into a gay hotspot in recent years. There is a vibrant gay night life in Dubrovnik. In addition, you do not have to do without gay beach vacation here. On the uninhabited island Lokrum, about ten minutes away by boat from Dubrovnik, there is a nudist beach that is very popular with gays. The area is very secluded, lined by rocks and left in its natural state. Here you can relax in a calm atmosphere and enjoy nature.


5. Jerolim Island


About ten minutes by boat from the town of Hvar (you can simply take a water cab), is the island of Jerolim. It is the most popular gay hotspot that has a rocky nudist beach and is very popular. There are two beaches, the first one is near the pier, the second one can be reached after a long walk along the rocks. This place is known to be especially popular with gays. Many men sunbathe here naked on the rocks, there is no real sandy beach.


6. Punta Križa Gay Beach


Near the town of Rovinj, which has a famous hotspot with the gay club “Labirint Klub”, there is also a famous beach – a kind of Croatian equivalent to the dunes of Maspalomas. It is considered the most famous swingers’ beach in Croatia.
A few hundred metres away from the resort Amarin there is a winding gravel road lined with high shrubs. Follow the path for a few kilometres until you reach the shore. Here you can park your car and walk on to the beach. Please do not bring children with you!
Some people sunbathe naked on the rocks, couples cuddle in the sand and a few Peeping Toms hide in the bushes. The gay zone is located at the top of the cape. The gay cruising action takes place mainly in the grove behind.

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  • 960px-Zagreb_Jarun_Sunset: By Luka Krstulović / CC BY-SA 2.5 /
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