Plage de L'espisguette

Both in the north but especially in the south of France there are many beaches with nudist areas where gays are very welcome. To make it easier for you to choose, we have only listed the beaches that are either very well known to gays or even have separate gay areas.

Cruising may not always be allowed or desired – you should ask about this beforehand.

Mont Rose beach – Marseille


One of the oldest and most famous gay beaches in France is located near the southern French port city of Marseille. It is a very beautiful sight: Wild cliffs towering into the sky. The beach is rocky, natural – but also has sand sections. This creates small, romantic bays from which you can jump directly into the blue water. As soon as it gets dark, it gets really hot between the rocks.
From Marseille you can reach the beach by bus 19 or by car.

Terminus Beach – Berck



The Terminus Beach near the northern French city of Berck is a nudist beach with a large gay area. The municipality of Berck is situated on the English Channel, diagonally opposite the British gay mecca of Brighton. The nudist beach is one of only few authorised in the north of France.
The beach has fine, beige sand and plenty of space. Here you can meet local gays as well as gay tourists. Cruising is also quite a popular activity.
From the town, you can reach the beach by keeping to the right, towards Le Chemin des Anglais.


Plage de Biville – Biville

At the Plage de Biville in northern France, there are many nudists, but it is not an officially approved nudist beach. According to some sources, nudity is even forbidden, at least in the dunes. Nevertheless you can see a lot of nude bathers here.
The natural, spacious beach is really worth a visit. Beautiful dunes and lots of space make this merely visited beach a real highlight. South of the car park there are many gays.


Castel Plage – Nizza



In the immediate vicinity of the great holiday destination of Nice is Castel Plage, an elegant beach which is very popular with gays. It is located directly below the famous Promenade des Anglais.
Although the public is mixed on the kilometre-long city beach, it is easy to meet other gays. The meeting point for the gay community here is mainly the paid area where you have to pay fees for sunbeds and umbrellas. The positive thing about it is that you don’t lack anything – food and drinks are also provided by the restaurant and bar, the prices are affordable. The terraces reach directly to the water.



Plage du Liouquet

Le Liouquet Plage is a nudist beach. It is located in the south of France near the port city of La Ciotat, between the cities of Marseille and Toulon.
From the car park on the D559 you have to keep left and then walk for about 20 minutes until you reach the textile-free area.
It’s a beach with a mixed public, but gays rather stay in the left area of the beach.
The place is also known as a cruising place, both for gay and heterosexual couples.


Plage de LaBeaume



The beach is located in the interior of France, on a tributary of the Ardèche. The eponymous village of Labeaume is considered one of the most beautiful villages in France and is definitely worth a visit! The gorgeous gorges and wooded cliffs of Labeaume provide an incredible backdrop – it is also worth a day at the beach, although in recent years the river has dried up more and more during the summer.
During the week there are many naturists here, but on weekends families are more likely to be there.
You have to turn right towards Récatadou, go down a small path and then keep right – in the next bend you will find the gay section of the nudist beach.



Plage de l’Espiguette –  Le Grau-du-Roi

Plage de L'espisguette

The beach is considered one of the biggest gay meeting places in the south of France. The approximately 18km long and 700m wide sandy beach is divided into different sections, whose boundaries are unfortunately not always very clear. On some sections there are many families with children. The naturists are to be found if you turn left after the last car park, facing the water. Walk for about a quarter of an hour and you are there.

Directly behind the naturist area is the gay meeting point – the areas like to merge into each other.
Visually, the beach with its picturesque dunes, some of which are very high, is very attractive, and the quality of the bathing water is also considered excellent. Not only in the dunes, but also in the pine woods behind them, there is a lot going on in summer. That’s why queer activists often come to the beach to advertise safe sex.
Plage de l’Espisguette is easily accessible from both Montpellier (about 40km) and Nîmes (about 50km) and is perfect for a day trip. It is worth it!




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  • Berck_Plage: By: Patrick GIRAUD / CC BY-SA 2.5 /
  • 960px-Castel_Plage,_Nice,_Provence-Alpes-Côte_d’Azur,_France_-_panoramio_-_M.Strīķis: By M.Strīķis, CC BY-SA 3.0 /
  • Labeaume_plage: By Pymouss44 / CC BY-SA 3.0 /
  • 960px-LeGrau5: By Gonedelyon / CC BY-SA 3.0 /

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