Mykonos is one of the top travel destinations of the worldwide gay community. The Greek island offers gay tourists everything their heart desires: lots of gay bars and clubs, turquoise blue water, beautiful beaches, and countless numbers gay men, of course. There is hardly a beach on Mykonos where you won’t find any gay visitors, since the beaches are all gay-friendly. We have selected the ones you must not miss when you spend your holidays on Mykonos:


Elia Beach




This beach is located in the south of Mykonos, about 10 kilometers away from Mykonos town. Elia Beach is one of the largest beaches on the island and it is especially popular with gays. The area where you can hardly save yourself from hunky men and pretty boys is on the right hand side and marked with a rainbow flag.
A visit in the early morning or in the evening is particularly worthwhile. It is rather quiet here in the morning and you have time to relax as many visitors only arrive around noon. It gets really hot in the evening: The stony beach section turns into a  wild cruising area.


Agrari Beach


This beach is very close to Elia Beach, just past the stony cruising area. Still, Agrari Beach is not nearly as crowded as Elia Beach. Many gays escape to this beach to enjoy the sea and the sun in peace. The sand is quite coarse, but the water is as turquoise blue as it is at Elia Beach.


Super Paradise Beach



Super Paradise Beach used to be THE main gay beach of Mykonos before Elia Beach took over its position. However, there are still many gay visitors here, especially on the right hand side (if you are facing the sea), close to the gay hotspot “Jacki O’ Beach Club”. Due to the Super Paradise Club at the other end of the beach, Super Paradise Beach turns into a huge party location in the late afternoon. Gay and straight visitors, sunbathers and clubbers: everybody is welcome, a very liberal spirit prevails here.


Paraga Beach


Paraga Beach is located near Super Paradise Beach. This beach with its golden sand attracts a lot of nudists, so feel free to lie in the sun just wearing your birthday suit. Cruising takes place at the southern end of the beach.


Panormos Beach



The beach is located on the north side of the island and attracts a mixed crowd. Panormos Beach can be reached by bus from Mykonos town. At the end of the beach, past the sun beds, is where nudists gather – both gay and straight.

Did we miss anything? Can you recommend another local beach? Please let us know via the comments.

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