Sardinia is a jewel in the Mediterranean. The island offers great holiday destinations and good entertainment for gays. Do you prefer tranquility and nature or party and fun? We have a selection of beaches you should not miss during your holiday.

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Poetto di Cagliari


Cagliari is located on the southern coast of the island – and is a city with a vibrant gay life. The beach Poetto di Cagliari is one of the largest beaches in a major European city. There is also a gay beach bar “Fico d’India” near the seventh bus stop of the city bus. Here you can find a mixed gay crowd. Even during the day it gets a bit cruisy – however, swimming trunks should be kept on.


Mari Pintau


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One of the best known gay beaches in Sardinia is Mari Pintau, about 20 km from Cagliari. Mari Pintau means “The painted sea” in Sardinian. And the beach really seems to come straight from a painting. The beach offers a fantastic view and a natural look. The down point is that it gets very crowded in the high season. Swimwear is optional though. In the surroundings of the beach you can find beach bars where you can meet all sorts of gay people.
A 30 minutes drive from Cagliari takes you to a less crowded beach for gays: Cala Regina.


Liscia Ruia


Sassari is the second largest city on Sardinia. The nearby beach Liscia Ruia is the largest and most famous beach of the Costa Smeralda. You will find fine white sand, turquoise blue water and a gay beach that is located in the easternmost section.


Porto Ferro


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Porto Ferro is a good half an hour’s drive from Sassari. It can be reached via several sandy gravel roads. The wide bay is popular with surfers and kiters due to its winds. The northern section of the beach is also popular with nature lovers and nudists since you can only wear your birthday suit.


Cala Serena


You can find the island of Caprera and in particular Cala Serena in the north of Sardinia. Cala Serena is a beach within the national park La Maddalena. For the Sardinian LGBT community this beach is a traditional meeting point, frequented by lots of gay people.


Capo Comino


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South of Siniscola, near Nuoro, you can find the beach of Capo Comino. The lighthouse of Capo Camino is well known. But there is also other highlights: a young gay crowd. The beach is quite popular with nudists and the dunes invite you to explore them.


Porto Pirastu


The beach Capo Ferrato is considered the unofficial nudist beach of the south-east coast of Sardinia. But there is no gay life here. Even in high season the beach is not overcrowded and the pine grove next to the beach provides shade from the blaring sun.



Did we miss something? Can you think of another beach? Let us know in the comments.

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