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Wei shows us his gay Taipei. The 32-year-old designer lives in Berlin, but is originally from Taiwanese capital which he often visits.

I like Taipei because…

Taipei is super simple. Everything works and everything is super fast. For example the 7-Eleven-Shops. Their main business is selling food, but in fact you can do everything there: go online or even pay bills.

Best time to travel

Summer is always good, but probably too hot for some people. So I would say: May and June are the best. Then it’s warm, a little over 30 degrees, and you can go to the coast.

Best Bar

The area around the Red House is popular featuring many gay bars. You can go to a different bar every night and thus try them all.

Best Restaurant

There are snack bars everywhere, most of them are very good. You can find exotic dishes also at the night market. I prefer beef noodles, a specialty from Taiwan. The soup is made of herbs and is a bit spicy. Beef is added. There are also well-known restaurants, for example the chain Din Tai Fung, which even has opened restaurants in other countries.

Best Club

The G Star Club is actually a bar and club in one. It is quite modern and combines western style with Asian elements. They also dance to Taiwanese, Japanese and K-Pop!

Where’s the best place to flirt?

It’s easy to get in contact with someone in bars. All people are relaxed and very hospitable – and if you are a foreigner, you will almost certainly be approached, often in English.

What’s not to miss?

You are at hot springs, lakes, mountains and in the forest with one hour. Everything is close. It is especially good north of Taipei, where there are nice hot springs, for example in Beitou.

Insider’s tip

The National Palace Museum is well worth a visit. There are ancient Chinese treasures, handicrafts, calligraphy and painting. On Saturday evenings from six to nine o’clock there are only few tourists in the museum, so you can enjoy the art in peace and quiet.

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