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Vasilis is a fitness trainer and dancer – and in love with his hometown of Athens. Where to eat the best food, which bar you should not miss and where he likes to forget the time, the 32-year-old reveals in an interview.


the city gives you the freedom to do whatever you like. And at the same time, you never know what to expect, because every day has a little surprise in store!


The best season is spring. The streets are full of life because people can enjoy their walks through the city again. Also by the sea, which is not far away from Athens, that makes a small round of fun.


I love good food, so I can hardly decide on just a restaurant. Kanelli in the Gazi district is great because of the friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere. And the food tastes like my mother’s! Or Santa’s at Irini Square, one of the best burger restaurants ever. And of course the Prosopa in Gazi, worth the visit for its Mediterranean cuisine.


My favorite bar is the Shamone. Friendly and nicely furnished, events take place here again and again. On the terrace you can relax drinking cocktails, while inside pop, house or Greek music is played.


For dancing, I prefer to go to Dybbuk, in the heart of Athens, where famous DJs from all over the world play. You can really lose yourself to house, techno and electro. Luckily, the club is open until the morning!


Athens is the most romantic in the  Plaka. The area is reminiscent of old times, because everywhere are small houses and the view goes always up to the Acropolis. But the best way to flirt is in Gazi. This is where the heart of the gay scene beats and the streets are full of interesting people.


Of course the Acropolis! After visiting the Parthenon, you can have a coffee in the Plaka and enjoy the view. Magical!


A little piece of heaven in the middle of Athens is the National Garden, where you can just sit on a bench and forget all the stress. I prefer to go early in the morning to this magical place to start the day there. But some prefer to go in the evening, and not necessarily alone!



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