it is one of those mini-cities where you can find everything that makes a city: culture, delicious food, modern and historic architecture and a lively fashion scene.

You can come here all year round, but spring and summer are best to enjoy the numerous outdoor terraces for a meal or drink. This is only topped by “De zomer van Antwerpen”, a festival with theatre, concerts and street circus at very unusual locations.

“Puur Personal Cooking” (Edward Pecherstraat 51) is a tiny restaurant with seven small tables, where the owner himself is chef and waiter. In “L’épiceriè du Cirque” (Leopold de Waelstraat 7) herbs are a main ingredient – a real culinary discovery at affordable prices. Make sure you make a reservation at both restaurants well in advance!

The “Rubzz Industrial Bar” (Geulinckxstraat 28) offers good music and a predominantly young and mixed clientele. Leather lovers get their money’s worth in the cruising bar.
Check online for the present temporary location of Rubzz bar.

The best known and most popular dance club is “Red & Blue Club” (Lange Schipperskapelstraat 11-13) – open on Saturdays.

The pedestrian tunnel under the Schelde. An old-fashioned wooden escalator leads into a beige-yellow hall from where you can walk or cycle underneath the river to the other side of the city (“The left bank”). Carry on to the beach of St. Anneke, from where you have a great view of the Antwerp skyline.

On a hot and humid summer’s evening, put a bottle of wine and a few glasses in your backpack and walk in direction of the seafaring school (Noordkasteel-Oost 6). You have a fantastic view from the dike and you can even have a barbecue there while enjoying the sunset.

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