Update: Steven Anderson is now also banned from entering Ireland. A petition demanded appropriate steps from Ireland’s government, more than 14,000 people signed. Ireland’s justice minister, Charlie Flanagan, declared that his department wanted to ban the preacher from entering the country. This was made possible by an “exclusion order in the interests of public policy”.

US preacher Steven Anderson is considered a denier of Holocaust, anti-LGBT extremist and Islamophobe. He plans a European tour in May 2019.
Dutch security minister Mark Harbers states that measures have been taken to prevent Anderson from entering The Netherlands. According to Harbers, those measures apply equally to the entire Schengen area. The common European travel area consists of 26 countries, among them Denmark, Hungary and Poland. Anderson still plans on going to preach in Ireland – the country is not part of the Schengen area and has not yet banished the priest. However, a petition against the preacher’s visit to Ireland has already been signed by about 12,000 people.
Anderson had already been banned from other countries before: United Kingdom, Botswana, Jamaica, South Africa and Canada.

The Netherlands are not a place for intolerance

“There is no place in a democratic nation like ours for discrimination, incitement to hatred or intolerance and violence on any grounds.“, Mark Harbers elaborates.
Arizona preacher Steven Anderson is known for his extreme hatred of LGBTs and for demanding the death penalty for homosexuals. He openly celebrated the Orlando shooting inside the gay club Pulse. Anderson said: “The good news is that there’s 50 less paedophiles in this world, because, you know, these homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts and paedophiles.”

The Netherlands ranked 4th in the Spartacus Gay Travel Index 2019 among other countries like Austria and Spain.

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