Joseph Ratzinger (93) has lived withdrawn from public life in the Vatican monastery Mater Ecclesiae since he voluntarily renounced his pontificate in 2013. Apparently this does not prevent him from expressing his opinion on world events. In an interview the emeritus Pope now took up the cudgels for homophobes and etched against the equality of marriage, abortion and artificial insemination.

Yesterday the biography Benedict XVI: A Life, written by author and journalist Peter Seewald (65), was published. Seewald is said to have visited the retired Pope in 2018. Further contacts were made through the special representative Georg Gänswein. The more than 1000 page work ends with an interview with the Pope emeritus, titled “The last questions to Benedict XVI”.

In this interview Ratzinger once again clearly shows his attitude towards the queer community. He expressed his dismay at the increasing tolerance towards homosexuals in society. He also defends homophobes – it is absurd that they are excommunicated by society. The 93-year-old draws connections to the time just before his birth:

“100 years ago everyone would have thought it absurd to talk about a homosexual marriage. Today one is excommunicated by society if one opposes it”.

However, the former pope failed to explain the social relevance of comparing today’s time with the retrograde past, in which women were not even allowed to go to work without their husband’s permission. In return he never tired of demonising modern achievements of medicine and science, including artificial insemination – in the truest sense of the word.

“Modern society is in the process of formulating an anti-Christian credo, and resisting it is punished with social excommunication. The fear of this spiritual power of the Antichrist is then all too natural and it really needs the help of prayers from an entire diocese and the universal church to resist it”.

During his service as Cardinal and Pope, Joseph Ratzinger was always regarded as arch-conservative and queer-phobic. Thus he claimed that same-sex marriage threatened human dignity to the same extent as the future of human beings themselves. His successor Pope Francis (83) on the other hand sends extremely contradictory signals concerning his attitude to queers.

In the past, the Pope often approached members of the queer community in a conciliatory manner and compared anti-gay politicians with Adolf Hitler (we reported) – with which he alluded especially to Jair Bolsonaro, the homophobic president of Brazil. According to critics, however, Francis does not fight enough against the dogmas of the Church, but fits into existing structures.

How fortunate that Joseph Ratzinger is still here to make Pope Francis appear in a brighter light.

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