In a zoo in the Netherlands, the desire for offspring became so important for a gay penguin couple that they did not only steal the eggs but the whole nest of their neighbours. Tragically, the eggs did not hatch despite loving care. And there is a good reason why.

A dramedy took place in the Amersfoort Dierenpark in the Netherlands – starring: A gay and a lesbian penguin couple. For natural reasons, the gay penguins were unable to lay eggs. But they knew how to help each other – and without further ado stole a nest including two eggs from their neighbors.


Gay wannabe fathers


The two males in love are determined to become parents. Unfortunately it did not work out naturally with the offspring so far – so the two knew how to help each other in a different way. Already last year they gained international fame because they stole the egg of a heterosexual couple. Unfortunately it did not hatch, either.

The two wannabe fathers seem to be haunted by bad luck: Although they lovingly incubated the new eggs, the no offspring came of it. And with good reason, because they chose the wrong couple – and stole a nest with the unfertilized eggs of two lesbian penguins.

Homosexuality is widespread in the animal kingdom, not only among penguins. Up to 19 percent of male mallards show a gay sexual behavior.

The zoo made the story public on social media on International Coming Out Day. The incident is said to have happened at the beginning of the year. Good for both of them: Penguins breed up to twice a year, so they could soon get another chance.

Last year zookeeper Marc Belt confirmed that the two would take very good care of their adopted egg and keep it warm by turns. He expressed his admiration for the couple:

“Homosexuality is quite common among penguins, but the remarkable thing about this couple is that they got their hands on an egg”.

Who knows – with so much persistence, it might not stop at these two thefts. Animal keeper Sander Drost also expressed his hope that the family wish of the two will soon be fulfilled:

“Maybe one day we will welcome a chick that was incubated by a gay couple. Who knows, they might be successful next year. “

It is not known whether the two lesbian penguins applied for a restraining order against their neighbours or filed a complaint.


Gay Penguins Highly Popular



Gay penguins were already observed in the wild in 1911, and same-sex penguin pairs are common in zoos around the world. The two Dutchmen are perhaps the most criminal, but not the only gay penguins that made it into the international media.

The most famous waddling co-papis are Sphen and Magic from Australia. In October 2018 they hatched their first chick – which was named Spengic. The two penguins let the world share their father’s happiness. In April they were the star in a live stream of the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium on the occasion of World Penguin Day 2020.


In June 2019, two gay Humboldt Penguins successfully hatched an egg at the “Zoo am Meer” in Bremerhaven, Germany, and raised a chick together under great enthusiasm of the zoo visitors.

In August of this year, queer family happiness was also felt at the Oceanogràfic-Aquarium in Valencia: After animal keepers noticed that the two penguin ladies Electra and Viola were building a nest together, they got them an egg, which the two successfully incubated together.

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