The two Polish queer activists Jakub and Dawid kill two birds with one stone. They are fighting two epidemics at once: Corona and homophobia. The two YouTube stars from Poland distributed rainbow masks on the streets against viruses and against hate. The video has already more than two million clicks.

Jakub and Dawid have a successful YouTube channel and are probably the most famous gay couple from Poland. Not everyone loves them: They have repeatedly reported that they received death threats. They celebrated their wedding in Portugal in 2017, afterwards they wanted their marriage to be recognised in Poland. Last year the administrative court in Warsaw ruled: There is no legal basis for this.

But the two did not stop being married, nor did they end their activism. On the contrary. Now they started a new action: they produced 300 protective face masks in rainbow colours together with friends and distributed the masks for free to people on the streets of the three cities of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot on the Polish Baltic Sea.

Jakub explains the intention behind the action:

“Many of the Poles call us a plague, so we thought that by helping people to overcome the real plague, they might change their minds. I know it is naive, but if we can do something good, why not?”


How did the people react?


The couple uploaded a video of the distribution on their YouTube channel, which has already been clicked on more than two million times. You can see people’s reaction was positive, with many willing to use the masks. Some even took extra masks to protect their relatives and friends.

The two activists assessed the outcome of the campaign very positively:

“Many LGBT-free zones were created in our country, so we were a bit afraid of how people would react, but they were really touched by our idea. I think they appreciated very much that someone took care of their health. It was great to see that the rainbow doesn’t scare people, but helps them stay safe.”



Situation in Poland is getting worse and worse

The situation of the queer community in Poland is serious: apart from the spread of “LGBT-free zones”, the country’s parliament decided on Thursday by 246 votes to 199 not to reject a very controversial bill as hoped, but instead to refer it further to committees.

The draft, which was brought to life by an arch-Catholic, retrograde alliance, was heavily criticised both in Poland and abroad in the EU. It demands that in future, prison sentences of up to three years are to be imposed if someone “propagates” sexual intercourse of minors – also in schools. This would make normal sex education impossible.

The arguments of those responsible are full of false facts and hate. The draft, which is deeply homophobic at its core, claims to want to protect children and young people – “against sexual violence by LGBT activists and prevention of sexual promiscuity of young people”. Unfortunately they seem to be successful with this method.

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