For all those who are already planning a trip for the time after the COVID pandemic, one of the big dating apps for men* who have sex with men has published an amusing little statistic …

The app with the yellow mask is a household name to almost every gay man in the world. The creators have now published a statistic that shows: There are sometimes big differences between the users in the individual countries – measured by how many of them describe themselves as tops or bottoms.


No representative survey!

The blog post “Grindr Unwrapped” shows some fun stats and facts for the completed year 2020. But Grindr makes it clear: of course, this is not a comprehensive or scientific report on queer sex and dating behaviour worldwide. The data represents only a portion of users, as not everyone includes this information in their profiles – and Grindr itself represents only a portion of the global queer community.

“Instead, it’s meant as a fun and informal way to help our users get to know each other better, serve as an ice-breaker for conversations in the app, and provide some insights into Grindr activity trends from the year.”



South America is particularly diverse …


But now let’s not get too excited! Powerbottoms, sharpen your pencils and take diligent notes: according to the Grindr review, the most tops are in Morocco, India, Nigeria (gay sex is still illegal here, by the way!), Chile and Israel.

So where are the most bottoms? According to the dating app, in Vietnam, Sweden, Thailand, Peru and South Africa. Versatiles are most often found in South and Central America: Venezuela, Guatemala, Argentina and Mexico are in the top four. Australia follows in fifth position.


… and the whole world likes to eat aubergines as a Sunday roast.


Other facts Grindr reveals in this somewhat different review of the year: The most users are in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, India and Great Britain. By the way, the most active time is Sunday evening and the most popular emoji is – of course – the aubergine.

This year was special in many ways, the people responsible for the annual round-up point out in the introduction. In a year when physical contact and face-to-face meetings were not always possible, users still found ways to meet new people and interact socially, they say.

“But that doesn’t mean people weren’t still connecting. This snapshot of activity shows that even in a year of quarantine and isolation, people still found ways to express themselves and get in touch safely from home.”

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