On November 3, elections will be held in the USA. Seldom have the camps been so divided in an election, the fronts so hardened. Both parties and their supporters are still trying to campaign. Videos and campaigns call for votes. The makers of the videos fight against disenchantment with politics and feelings of powerlessness – two emotions that were certainly not alleviated by the corona crisis. They also specifically address groups and minorities who may feel that their opinions don’t count anyway – including the queer community. Here are our top 3 queer context election appeals:


1. Lady Gaga cleaning out her closet


After gay icon Cher already joined the US election campaign (we reported), Lady Gaga now published a video. In it she slipped into various legendary outfits from her career, such as the famous meat dress (hopefully a new model), the Super Bowl costume and her “Poker Face” outfit. There are many reasons to choose, Lady Gaga said in her emphatic appeal. But she asked her audience: Vote on behalf of someone you love.

“Vote in honour of someone you have lost, someone you know who would stand in line for hours at the polls but can’t because they are no longer with us. Vote in honour of all the voices that have less power, or maybe vote for the future children whose voices have yet to be heard. The future voices who will inherit this home.”


While the pop icon makes no secret of who gets her vote, her message is different: Go vote, your vote counts! She makes it clear:

“Let’s be real: you know who I voted for. But believe me and listen to me now, even if you disagree with me, your vote still matters to the world.”

Like Cher, Lady Gaga has been counted among his harshest critics since the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency. She was particularly vocal in her criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement. It had long been obvious that Trump had failed, she explained at the time. The president offered nothing but ignorance and prejudice, while black lives were taken.

“We have known he is a fool, and a racist, since he took office.”


2. Transgender? Don’t worry if your ID doesn’t fit!


Two of the stars of Rupaul’s Drag Race, Peppermint and Bob the Drag Queen, have published a song together. In it, they explain the different ways to participate in the election – and, with reference to Trump’s anti-postal ballot campaign, they assure us that this method is completely safe.

Bob and Peppermint sing: No matter what others tell you, your voice is important! They also take away the fear of voting for transgender and non-binary people – if they have an ID card where the gender or photo does not correspond to reality. Bob has a solution: Vote by letter or identify yourself with a document that does not have a photo, such as a paycheck. This is possible in the USA.




„And I don’t care if it’s raining, grab a coat – ’cause there is a whole lot of people who prefer you don’t vote!“


3. One-night stand with an abrupt end


The gay comedian and YouTuber Michael Henry has published a funny video with a serious message together with two accomplices. The clip called “Would You Still Hookup With Someone After They Said This?” is about three gay friends talking about the last one-night stand from one of them. He was yelled at afterwards by his date, he says. Why? Because he doesn’t want to go vote.

“I didn’t vote.”

“And are you going to?”


“Are you at least registered?”




His two friends take sides with his sex partner. Not to choose is an abuse of power – and means indifference towards topics like migration, health care, racism, LGBTIQ+ rights …

“Sure, I have gay sex, but to hell with gay rights!”


Heteros don’t get a raw deal either: With the campaign “Get Your Booty to the Poll” and the accompanying video, strippers are currently trying to appeal specifically to young African-American men – the group that votes least often because they think their voice is not heard.

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