Gay Guide Tunisia

According to article 230, homosexuality is illegal in Tunisia and may lead up to 3 years imprisonment. But convictions of homosexuals are nonetheless relatively rare in comparison with other Islamic countries. In 2012, the Tunisian Minister for Human Rights rejected calls for the abolishment of section 230 in a television interview, saying that freedom of opinion had its limits and that "perverted" homosexuals were in need of medical treatment. The winter of 2010/2011 saw fierce conflicts and protests the regime was ultimately unable to quell. The political leadership was overthrown unexpectedly after President Ben Ali had fled the country in mid-January. Tunisia's first democratic elections were then held the following October, with an Islamic party that is considered moderate the clear winner.

Cities in Tunisia


Name: Tunis · Tunesien · Tunisie · Túnez
Location: North Africa
Initials: TUN
International country code: 216 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: Arabic, French
Area: 163,610 km / 63,170 sq mi.
Currency: 1Tunesian Dinar (tD) = 1,000 Millimes
Population: 10,778,000
Capital: Tunis
Religions: 99% Muslim
Climate: In the north the climate is Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and rain in winter. In the south the weather is influenced by the Sahara desert.