Gay Guide Korea-South

Homosexuality is not mentioned in the penal code from South Korea. The general age of consent is 13. Same-sex marriages have not been "socially and culturally" recognised, following a ruling in 2004. There is a general lack of knowledge in the society about homosexuality. Despite this social "outlawing" there is a small bar and club scene for gays and lesbians. There are examples of exclusion from school, or the loss of jobs for gays in Korea. In school books homosexuality is barely mentioned, or if so, then negatively. Homosexuality is considered to be a disaster within the family. When in 2003 a famous TV presenter came out, there was public outrage and because of this many gay Koreans decided to hide their sexual preference. Men holding hands is common between friends and should not be confused with gay gestures. Having been one of the 54 states supporting a UN resolution against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation in December 2006, the South Korean government removed the attributes "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" from the planned anti-discrimination law, bowing to pressure from conservative Christian groups. Another seven attributes, such as "nationality" and "mother tongue" were also struck off this list at the same time. As recently as summer 2007, the Korea Tourist Organization (KTO) still pursued a programme trying to position the country as a "must-see" destination in eastern Asia. The second edition of the English language gay and lesbian travel guide "Utopia Guide" appeared at the same time. So while homosexual travellers are made to feel welcome in commercial terms, native gays and lesbians can hardly expect to be treated with respect in the near future, not to mention attaining legal rights. But there is hope amongst the young, as the acceptance ratings greatly differ from one age group to the next. According to a survey published in 2013, a large majority (71%) of the 18 to 29 year-olds favour the acceptance of homosexuality. Only 19 % of Koreans older than 50 hold the same opinion.

Cities in Korea-South


Name: Taehan Min'guk · Südkorea · Corée du Sud · Corea del Sur · Corea del Sud
Location: Eastern Asia
Initials: KOR
International country code: 82 (omit 0 from area codes)
International access code: 001 or 002
Language: Korean
Area: 99,313 km² / 38,325 sq mi.
Currency: 1 Won (W) = 100 Chon
Population: 50,004,000
Capital: Seoul
Religions: 18% Protestants, 23% Buddhist, 40-50% no confession
Climate: Moderate climate with heavier rainfall in the summer than in winter.
Important gay cities: Seoul