Gay Guide Czech Republic

Homosexuality has not been a punishable offence since 1961, and persisting laws discriminating same-sex relationships were finally repealed in 1990. The age of consent (for heterosexual and homosexual relations) is 15 (as long as it is not for money). It is also an offence to expose minors (under 18) to the "danger of misconduct" by inducing them to "idle or immoral living" or enabling them to do so. In May 2006, the Czech Parliament lifted the Czech President's veto and passed a law on the recognition of registered partnerships. Since then gays and lesbians have enjoyed almost the same rights as heterosexuals, including the right to marry. The only exception is that they are not allowed to adopt children - since 2016 at least stepchild adoption has been possible in registered homosexual partnerships. Prague is a liberal city that has made many Czech gays their adopted home. Although there are no specific provisions for tourists with HIV/AIDS, the deliberate infection with a sexually transmitted disease is punishable by up to two years of imprisonment according to § 189-190 of the Czech Penal Code. Unintentional infection can also be punished with imprisonment for up to one year. Prostitution and the public provision of sexual services are legal as long as the sex worker is at least 18 years old. However, prostitution is not recognised as a profession. The distribution of pornography, on the other hand, is illegal. Czech society in general is liberal and permissive. The reason for this might be that the Catholic Church never had much of a stronghold within it. This is reflected today in a certain rebelliousness of the people. The resulting liberal attitude also extends to sexuality and different lifestyles. The number of gay bars, nightclubs, cafes and accommodations is growing steadily. The Mezipatra Cultural and Film Festival took place for the first time in the Czech Republic's second largest city, Brno, in 2000. The festival also takes place in Prague since 2002 and is held jointly by the two cities every November. The lesbian and gay scene in Prague is comparable to that in many Western European cities of the same size. Despite the extensive and commercial gay scene and the liberal Czech society, the first Pride (parade) only took place in Prague in August 2011. The event was supported by the mayor and other politicians and has since established itself as an annual event.

Cities in Czech Republic

BrnoKarlovy VaryOlomoucOstravaPrahaUstí nad Labem

Location: Central Europe
Initials: CZE
International country code: 420
International access code: 00
Language: Czech
Population: 10,515,000
Capital: Praha
Religions: 27% Catholic or Protestant, 59% no confession
Climate: Moderate climate. Summers are warm, winters cold, cloudy and humid. Ideal months are May, Jun & Sept.
Important gay cities: Praha