Gay Guide Praha


Prague is an important gay centre in Eastern Europe, currently there are over 40 gay clubs, cafes, saunas and restaurants in Prague and this number is growing yearly. It is a liberal city where many gay Czechs choose to live. Czech society is open-minded and tolerant, perhaps because the church does not have much influence. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with 10 centuries of architecture, the world's largest castle complex and an Old Town Square out of a fairytale. Discover for yourself why the ancient Roman's named Prague "Mater Urbium", Mother of Cities. The Czech countryside is beautiful, with rolling hills, castles, medieval towns and mountains in the north and south. Brno, the second largest city, is developing a lively gay scene, with more than half a dozen gay cafes, clubs and saunas. A gay film festival called Mezipatra is held every November in both Prague and Brno.

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