Gay Guide Moldova

Homosexuality is now legal - the Soviet law that punished gay sex was abolished in 1995. Many gays in Moldova are very discreet all the same. The age of consent for both homosexuals and heterosexuals is 16. In everyday life, gays often have to hide their sexual orientation even from close friends and family. But socialising with other gays has become much easier. Thanks to GenderDocM, the only nationwide organisation for the rights of sexual minorities, an information network has been set up. Gays can now meet at the GenderDoc Centre, attend regular disco parties or gay film nights. They also have access to the website and chat ( for advice and many other services. In 2007, the Moldovan capital Chisinau's city council again banned the Pride parade. The European Parliamentary Council then called on the Moldovan government to guarantee equal rights and due respect to all minorities. The first official parade took place in 2013. It was again held in 2018 - there were no incidents thanks to police protection. The public still does nott take notice of gays - either by pretending there aren't any or by avoiding the subject completely. Robberies or other violent assaults occur occasionally, but can be avoided through discreet behavior. In 2012, the first anti-discrimination law was passed under strong protest from conservatives and the Church. It is also imposed through criminal law - a bishop of the influential Moldovan Orthodox Church was fined for homophobic statements in 2014. For a short time in 2013, a law was in force that could be interpreted as prohibiting so-called "homo-propaganda". In October of the same year, the law was revised to avoid any such interpretation after public pressure. In May 2013, the first approved Pride parade took place in Chisinau. The US dollar and the euro have a high purchasing power, making food, nightlife and hotel accommodation very affordable for tourists. In the centre of the GenderdocM you will find all relevant information about the country.

Cities in Moldova


Location: Southeast Europe
Initials: MDA
International country code: 373 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: Moldovan (Romanian), Russian, Gagauz (Turkish dialect)
Currency: 1 Moldau-Leu (MDL) = 100 Bani
Population: 3,560,000
Capital: Chisinau
Religions: more than 90% Russian-Orthodox
Climate: The best months to visit are from April to October.