Gay Guide Moldova

The Soviet law prohibiting homosexuality was abolished in 1995 and it is legal to be gay. Although homosexuality is not punishable in Moldova, many homosexuals behave discreetly. The age of consent is 16 years for everyone, straight or gay. Socially, gay men still find themselves having to hide their sexuality from close friends and family. But, in the context of socializing with other gay men, significant progress has been made. Thanks to the establishment of GenderDoc-M, the only NGO advocating for the rights of sexual minorities in Moldova, an information network has been established. While in the past it seemed the only place to meet another gay man was the public toilets, now Moldovan gays can meet at the centre, attend regular disco parties, attend gay film nights, visit the centre's website ( and chat room, receive counselling, and benefit from many other services. The town council of Cishinau, the Moldovan capital, prohibited a Gay Pride Parade repeatedly in 2007. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe subsequently advised the Moldovan government that all minorities need to be guaranteed equal rights and due respect. The public still looks away from gay men, either choosing to pretend they don't exist or avoiding the subject in entirety. Assaults and other forms of violence do occasionally occur but can be avoided with discreet behaviour. In 2012, a number of Moldovan cities have followed the St Petersburg "model" and enforced a prohibition of "gay propaganda". The cities in question include Balti, Drochia, Cahul, Ceadir-Lunga, and Soroca. A law that was briefly in force the following year left room to be interpreted as a prohibition of so-called "homosexual propaganda". This interpretation option was eliminated from the regulation in October 2013 after a public outcry. The Dollar/Euro exchange rate is high, making eating out, nightlife and hotel accommodation inexpensive for tourists. The Genderdoc-M Center offers all sorts of useful information about Moldova.

Cities in Moldova


Name: Republica Moldova · Republik Moldau · Moldavie · Moldavia
Location: Southeast Europe
Initials: MDA
International country code: 373 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: Moldovan (Romanian), Russian, Gagauz (Turkish dialect)
Area: 33 800 km² / 87 542 sq. miles
Currency: 1 Moldau-Leu (MDL) = 100 Bani
Population: 3,560,000
Capital: Chisinau
Religions: more than 90% Russian-Orthodox
Climate: The best months to visit are from April to October.