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The age of consent had been set at 18 instead of 16 in 2012. In December 2013, the Supreme Constitutional Court overturned a 2009 ruling of the Supreme Civil Court that decriminalised homosexual acts. The corresponding paragraph 377 is in accordance with the constitution, the court declared. Now homosexual sex was again punishable - as it had been in India since colonial times. However, the court left it to politicians to repeal the paragraph at any time by a new law. Five years later, the court itself took action: on 6 September 2018, after re-examining the criminalisation of "unnatural sexual practices" according to paragraph 377, homosexuality was legalised again. Also heterosexual oral and anal intercourse. The ban on "carnal intercourse against nature" remains in paragraph 377 - it now only applies to sexual offences against children and animals. India has been supporting the rights of homosexuals in the UN since 2010 - unlike many countries where homosexuality was a punishable offence. India voted for the rights of LGBT in many respects even before legalisation in its own country. The second Gay Pride Parade in New Delhi took place on 28 June 2009. There are also Pride events in Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and many other cities. Perhaps this is also why homosexuality has been more strongly addressed in the media and public in recent years. State recognition of homosexual relationships and anti-discrimination protection are under discussion and are urgently demanded by activists. The extent of religious influence was demonstrated in October 2011, when the Goa state government, under pressure from Catholic and Hindu groups, was forced to withdraw plans to market Goa as a gay-friendly part of India. Some politicians also sporadically continued to fuel resentment against homosexuals. There are now LGBT communities in India's big cities, also with offers of a gay nightlife - but this does not take place openly, but is mostly rather hidden.

Cities in India

Jaipur - RajasthanJaisalmerJodhpur – RajasthanKeralaKolkata (Calcutta)Pune (Poona)

Location: South Asia
Initials: IND
International country code: 91 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: Hindi and English
Currency: 1 Indian Rupee (INR) = 100 Paise
Population: 1,236,687,000
Capital: New Delhi
Religions: 81% Hindu, 13% Moslem
Climate: Oct-Mar tend to be the most pleasant months throughout the country. In the south, the monsoon weather makes Jan-Sep more pleasant. In northeastern India the best time is from Mar-Aug. In Kashmir and the mountainous regions it is best from May-Sep. The deserts and northwestern Indian Himalayan regions best from Jan-Sep.
Important gay cities: Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi

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