Gay Guide Croatia

In January 2013, the age of consent has been increased from 14 to 15 years for all. Croatia has joined the European Union on 01.07.2013. The centre-left parties and their deputies stand up for the rights of the LGBT community. Homosexuality has been legal here since 1977. The recognition of unregistered partnerships in 2003 improved the legal situation of same-sex couples in terms of vested rights and mutual financial support. In addition, legal protection against discrimination has so strongly developed in recent years that it is one of the most progressive in Europe. Croatian criminal law punishes "hate crimes" and the anti-discrimination law also covers sexual orientation, gender identity and forms of expressing it. There are LGBT organisations in Zagreb, Split and Rijeka. There is a colourful gay scene especially in Zagreb, where festivals and film events for queer people take place. While Prides have been celebrated in Zagreb for many years, there were violent clashes at the first Pride in Split in 2011. Approximately 10,000 people attacked the 300 Pride participants. The violence was sharply criticized by politicians at home and abroad. The parades in the following years were peaceful. In 2005, parliament unfortunately rejected a proposal for a law on registered partnerships that would extend the current law on life partners and apply equally to heterosexual and homosexual couples. In a referendum at the end of November 2013, two thirds of Croatian voters voted in favour of the special recognition of marriage as a liason between men and women - a victory for the Catholic Church. Thus the opening of marriage is constitutionally far off - but in 2014 the registered civil partnership was introduced.

Cities in Croatia

Brac IslandDubrovnikHvar IslandRab IslandRijekaZadarZagreb

Location: Central Europe
Initials: HRV
International country code: 385 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: Croatian
Currency: 1 Kuna (HRK) = 100 Lipa
Population: 4,267,000
Capital: Zagreb
Religions: 87% Catholic
Climate: Mediterranean and continental climate. Best time to visit is spring/summer (May-Sep) with the hottest temperatures in mid-summer (Jul & Aug).
Important gay cities: Zagreb, Rijeka

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