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Since September 2002 there are no longer any anti-sodomy laws as such in Hungary and the age of consent is 14, both for gays/lesbians and heterosexuals. Same-sex marriage is not possible, but gays and lesbians - just like heterosexuals - can enter into domestic partnerships, which cannot and do not need to be registered, (for a specific purpose, one can ask for a certificate from the local government). Following repeated attempts, civil partnerships became available to Hungarian homosexuals on 01.07.2009. But the right-wing conservative Fidesz Party, that has meanwhile come into power with a two-thirds majority in parliament, used this opportunity to introduce far-reaching, constitutional amendments. These also include the explicit exclusion of same-sex marriages in the new constitution, because it defines marriage as an exclusively heterosexual partnership. During the past few years an interesting and lively gay scene emerged in Hungary, but due to the increase in Nationalist anti-gay violence, gay life is still hidden and open displays of affection are not visible. After Budapest had seen violent confrontations during the 2008 Pride Parade, the 2009 event went peacefully, thanks to extensive security precautions. But sadly homosexuals were violently attacked by neo-Nazis on the day after the 2011 Pride Parade, which had been protected by police blockades. The police sided with the right-wingers, who claimed to have been attacked by gays and lesbians. It should be noted on the positive side, however, that both the Eurogames and the Pride event could go ahead in Budapest in 2012 without major problems, although the police had initially cancelled the latter because of safety concerns. No positive changes are apparently to be expected in the political and social situation of homosexuals in the near future. A study published in 2011 comes to the conclusion that homosexuals are resented by a large majority of Hungarians. If you dial a cell phone number in Hungary on a local landline phone you need to use the dialling code "06".

Cities in Hungary


Name: Magyarország · Ungarn · Hongrie · Hungria · Ungheria
Location: Central Europe
Initials: HUN
International country code: 36 (omit 0 from area code)
International access code: 00
Language: Magyar (Hungarian)
Area: 93,030 km² / 35,920 sq mi.
Currency: Forint (Ft) = 100 Filler
Population: 9,944,000
Capital: Budapest
Religions: 55% Roman Catholics; 20% Protestant
Climate: Spring can be wet (May & Jun). Summer is warm and long. The best time to visit is Jul & Aug. The wettest month is Nov. Winter is cold and bleak.
Important gay cities: Budapest

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