Well equipped and large. Often parties and special theme evenings. Now with two luxury suites. Probably the most popular escort sauna in Porto Alegre.

> Avenida Pernambuco, 2765, Bairro São Geraldo | Porto Alegre - Rio Grande Do Sul | Tel: +555133951633 | termasplataforma.blogspot.co.uk

open: 15-23.30h; prices: R$ 25.-; number of lockers: 104/12

> Gay. Exclusively or almost exclusively gay men
> Bar with full range of alcoholic beverages
> Showers
> Plunge pool
> Relax room
> Dry sauna
> Steam bath
> Whirlpool / Jacuzzi / Hot tub
> Free extra towels
> Massage on offer
> Darkroom
> Free condoms
> Shows or other events
> Video shows


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