USA | 28.10.2020

In a gay bar: Cher mixes up US election campaign

Icon-icon (once is not enough) Cher appeared at a virtual benefit concert in support of presidential candidate Joe Biden. She sang the song: “Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe” and even rearranged the lyrics in honor of her favorite. She then visited a gay bar in Las Vegas and called on the boys to vote – making it clear that if Trump was re-elected, things could be worse for queers than they ever were.


Venezuela | 27.10.2020

After Pope’s statement: Venezuela considers marriage equality

Because Pope Francis advocates civil partnership, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro is considering the adoption of a law on the equality of marriage in Venezuela.


Netherlands | 25.10.2020

Oh dear penguin: Gay couple commits egg theft

In a zoo in the Netherlands, the desire for children of a gay penguin couple became so great that they stole not only the eggs but the whole nest of their neighbors. Tragically, the eggs did not hatch despite loving care. And there is a good reason why.


Israel | 24.10.2020

Rabbi: “Jewish law does not prohibit same-sex couples from starting a family”.

Binyamin “Benny” Lau (59), a prominent Orthodox rabbi from Israel published a statement in support of same-sex couples. The title is: “It is not good for man to be alone: Relationships and family for the sons and daughters of the LGBT community”. In it he emphasises: “Jewish law does not prohibit members of the community from raising children and starting a family.


Germany | 23.10.2020

Social distancing to the extreme in the UK: No one-night stands

The Covid-19 measures in Great Britain have been further intensified. In London, warning level two has been reached, which means that all private contact between strangers is prohibited. Also an overnight stay with fleeting acquaintances.


Russia | 22.10.2020

Russian legislators cut off anti-queer amendment to constitution

Good news from Russia – for a change. A government commission and the Human Rights Council took a clear stand against amendments to the country’s Family Code that would have once again banned equal treatment of marriage and same-sex adoption – and legally wiped out transgender people. Will the law now fail in the Duma?