Video: SpartacusTV – Should gays be afraid to travel to Malaysia?

Welcome to a new episode of SPARTACUS TV! This time, Ulli Pridat visits the island Penang, which is located off the mainland of Malaysia. He takes you on a tour of the fascinating city of George Town and tells you …


Israel | Tel Aviv

With Superstar Holidays to Pride – ADVERTORIAL –

Superstar Holidays, your special tour operator for trips to Israel, and Discover Israel, holiday company of EL AL Israel Airlines, invite you to explore and experience this diverse country. For us, Israel is not just a travel product, but our …



INSIDER: Bangkok

Paul Boonrungreung is the figurehead of the super cool SO/ Bangkok and knows the Thai metropolis like the back of his hand.


Japan | Tokyo

24 hours: A gay day in Tokyo

The mix of contrasts of culture and commerce, tradition and future make Japan’s capital city of millions one of the most exciting ones on earth. Apart from one of the largest LGBTIQ* communities in the world, Tokyo also has places of quiet. Our tips for a day in Tokyo will give you an idea.



Thailand launches video campaign for LGBTIQ* visitors

Go Thai Be Free – with this slogan the Thai Tourism Office (TAT) solicits LGBTIQ* visits to the country. At the same time as the travel fair Fitur was taking place in Madrid, a new video campaign has been launched last week in which gay and lesbian couples explore the diversity of the country.



Taiwan: Between countryside and city

Taiwan is known for the pulsating metropolis of Taipei – after all, it is here where the largest pride in Asia takes place. But the country is also a paradise for gourmets, friends of traditional culture and lovers of majestic mountains.



An expedition to gay and lesbian Vietnam

Vietnam is smaller than Germany but looks huge. No wonder as it stretches like a narrow strip  and across several climate zones at a length of around 1,650 kilometres. It is time for an expedition to a country in whose history homosexuality was never banned.



Times are changing in Myanmar

Myanmar opens up to the world. In the land of a thousand pagodas, which has retained its original character through the years of isolation, there is a feeling of optimism. Even the small gay scene profits from that.


Thailand | Bangkok

Insider: Robby shows his gay Bangkok

Robby guides us around gay Bangkok today. The 29-year-old works as a personal trainer, is from the Thai capital and shows us his favorite places.



Brazil | 16.10.2019

Brazil: Judge overturns Bolsonaro’s stop to fund queer cinema

Brazil’s homophobic President Jair Bolsonaro cancelled funding for TV shows six weeks ago because he disapproved of its content. He described the financial support for social projects, including LGBTIQ* films, as “money wasted”. Now a federal judge declared the financial freeze null and void.


China | 01.10.2019

Chinese social media platform bans homosexual content

The Chinese social media and video platform TikTok seems to be a prime example of censorship. TikTok had already recently been criticized for censoring the protest in Hong Kong and thus creating a distorted picture of opinion. It has now become known that the company is also blocking content that shows, advertises or promotes homosexuality.


Germany | 27.09.2019

Refugees need more information about sexual diversity

German sex educators and integration commissioners on Thursday called for increased sexual education measures for fugitives. At the conference on “Sexual Diversity and Flight”, one of the topics discussed was how to overcome existing prejudices.



How LGBT-friendly is Europe?

The European Commission’s Eurobarometer survey looks at the discrimination and social acceptance of LGBTI people throughout the European Union. The survey was carried out in May 2019 and the evaluation has now been published. How tolerant is Europe and what have been the developments since the last survey in 2015? Spartacus has selected the most relevant figures for you:


Indonesia | 24.09.2019

Indonesia’s president postpones vote for gay ban

President Joko Widodo ordered that the newly formed House of Representatives vote on the planned law only at the beginning of October. The bill would make extramarital and thus homosexual sex a punishable offence. The controversial bill was originally supposed …


Australia | 16.09.2019

Video: SpartacusTV – Between Bondi Beach and Mardi Gras in Australia

The illustrious Bondi Beach, the Gold Coast and the famous gay festival Mardi Gras in Sydney – this time, Ulli Pridat visits Australia! He gives you an insight into what gay tourists in Australia should not miss.