Australia and Oceania

New Caledonian

TropOut: Celebrate in private on a tropical island

TropOut: Celebrate in private on a tropical island.


New Zealand

Gay Guide: Active holidays in New Zealand

Fancy a gay active holiday in New Zealand? Here you will find tips, tricks and relevant information.


New Zealand

New Zealand: Holidays in spectacular surroundings

Those who are conscious of the fantastic nature in New Zealand quickly apprehend to enjoy it fully. Here in the antipodes big city-dwellers and nature-lads, homos and heteros alike submit to the elements.


New Zealand | Auckland

Craters & Kiwis

Even if Auckland is not New Zealand’s capital it is certainly its metropolis and does host the country’s largest gay scene.


Australia | Whitsundays

White wonder

The Australian Whitsunday Islands are the ideal holiday destination, offering secluded beaches, luxury resorts and access to the fascinating under-water world of the Great Barrier Reef.



Russia | 22.10.2020

Russian legislators cut off anti-queer amendment to constitution

Good news from Russia – for a change. A government commission and the Human Rights Council took a clear stand against amendments to the country’s Family Code that would have once again banned equal treatment of marriage and same-sex adoption – and legally wiped out transgender people.¬†Will the law now fail in the Duma?


Israel | 21.10.2020

Israel discovers trans*rights: Facilitations and a government committee

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had often expressed his intention to help the trans* community, but for years hardly anything had happened. But for some months now, it seems, the problems have been seriously addressed.



Despite the COVID-19 pandemic: Mauritius marches for love

It is a rare sight this year: the queer community in Mauritius defied the COVID-19 pandemic and the queer-hostile mood in the country by organising one of the world’s very rare pride events. With good reason: the queers have an important demand.


Canada | 19.10.2020

Against sexism and homophobia: Hundred students wear skirts

Students of a Canadian high school set an important signal: In protest against a sexist school dress code, toxic masculinity and homophobia, they showed a lot of courage and even more leg.


Russia | 17.10.2020

Gay dads flee from Russia

Gay fathers leave everything behind – for fear of Putin’s investigators. Alexander* (name changed) fled Russia with his son. The 40-year-old spoke to The Guardian newspaper about his escape and his fears. He did not want to risk having his …



Japanese politician fears population extinction because of queers

A member of parliament from a district in northern Tokyo came under fire because he said his district would “perish” if sexual minority rights were protected by law.