Australia and Oceania

New Caledonian

TropOut: Celebrate in private on a tropical island

TropOut: Celebrate in private on a tropical island.


New Zealand

Gay Guide: Active holidays in New Zealand

Fancy a gay active holiday in New Zealand? Here you will find tips, tricks and relevant information.


New Zealand

New Zealand: Holidays in spectacular surroundings

Those who are conscious of the fantastic nature in New Zealand quickly apprehend to enjoy it fully. Here in the antipodes big city-dwellers and nature-lads, homos and heteros alike submit to the elements.


New Zealand | Auckland

Craters & Kiwis

Even if Auckland is not New Zealand’s capital it is certainly its metropolis and does host the country’s largest gay scene.


Australia | Whitsundays

White wonder

The Australian Whitsunday Islands are the ideal holiday destination, offering secluded beaches, luxury resorts and access to the fascinating under-water world of the Great Barrier Reef.




SPARTACUS Gay Travel Index 2023

SPARTACUS Gay Travel Index 2023: Malta, Canada, and Switzerland are the most LGBT+ friendly travel destinations The updated SPARTACUS GAY TRAVEL INDEX provides an overview of the situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and intersex (LGBT+) people in 203 different …


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SPARTACUS Gay Travel Index 2021

Gay Travel Index 2021: Canada is the most LGBTQ*-friendly travel destination The editorial offices of männer* and Spartacus have compiled the annual Gay Travel Index and one person can be really happy: Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada. The …


Great Britain | 14.02.2021

Great Britain: “Historical injustice” corrected

British military veterans who were dishonourably discharged from the military because of their sexual or gender orientation and lost all awards are to be rehabilitated and honoured again. In doing so, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) wants to correct a “historical injustice”.


Russia | 08.02.2021

“Mortal Danger” – Drama about two queer Chechens

Two queer men who escaped torture in Chechnya were abducted by police in Russia and deported back to their home country. There they are currently being held, interrogated and threatened – without access to legal representation. The queer organisation Russian …


USA | 05.02.2021

New York lifts controversial ‘walking while trans’ ban

On February 2, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law in New York that repeals a controversial law commonly known as the “Walking While Trans” ban.


Honduras | 04.02.2021

Honduras: “Constitutional ban” against gay marriage

Members of the Honduran parliament have voted in favour of a constitutional amendment that makes it much harder to change existing laws.