Mittel- und Südamerika

Brasilien | São Paulo

5 for São Paulo

Brazil’s cultural and party metropolis is conidered Latin America’s New York. You should not miss the highlights described by our author Mathias Vef.


Curaçao | Curaçao

Pink flamingo

Curaçao is mainly known in Germany for the azure blue orange liqueur of the same name since the 1960s. Even if the sea lining the white beaches of the Antilles island is easily as blue, this piece of Dutch territory has a lot more to offer. It has even discovered how to attract gay tourists.


Argentinien | Buenos Aires

Pink prospects

Buenos Aires and the rest of Argentina have become a must for gay tourists since gay marriage was introduced.




George Clooney calls for boycott

The sexiest man alive (voted 1997 and 2006) calls for the boycott of various luxury Hotels in Europe and the US. The reason: shares of these hotels belong to Hassanal Bolkiah, the head of the Sultanate of Brunei. He recently …



Death penalty for homosexuals

The Sultanate of Brunei is the first coutry in Asia to make homosexuality punishable by death as it now applies strict Sharia laws.



United Airlines offers third gender option

With United Airlines making use of a new IATA regulation, a gender-neutral title can be chosen as a title on an airline ticket. More airlines are to follow.


Spain | Madrid | 13.03.2019

Madrid wins Master Award for Tolerance and Diversity

At this year’s international film print multimedia festival “The Golden City Gate” at the ITB, Madrid was awarded the Master Award for Tolerance and Diversity for the video “40 Years of Madrid Pride”. Festival President Wolfgang Huschert attaches great importance …


Stockholm Pride 3 (c) Stockholm Pride

SPARTACUS Gay Travel Index 2019

Portugal, Sweden, and Canada are the most LGBT-friendly travel countries – Germany is slipping.


Kolumbien | Barranquilla | 24.02.2019

Gay Carnival in Colombia