Germany only ranks 22nd in the Spartacus Gay Travel Index. At the top: Sweden and Great Britain. Conditions have improved in some countries, Botswana among them.

For the first time, Germany is no longer listed among the top 20 most homophile countries in the Spartacus Gay Travel Index. Other countries have overtaken the Federal Republic since the legally recognised equality of gay men in Germany has been stagnating for years. This year, Germany ranks 22nd, after having ranked 15th last year.

The Spartacus Gay Travel Index is formed on the analysis of 14 categories. These include the introduction of anti-discrimination laws, the opening of marriage to homosexual couples, the legalisation of homosexuality in general, the abolition of the death penalty for homosexuals, the attitude towards gay men in the general public and the number of attacks against the queer community.

Sweden and the UK share the top position

Little has changed at the top: Sweden (pictured: Stockholm Pride) and Great Britain continue to lead the Spartacus Gay Travel Index. Nine countries share third place, including Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada, but also the island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean which belongs to France. At the very bottom of the index are the United Arab Emirates and Iran, which share 192nd place, and Somalia in 194th place, Saudi Arabia in 191st place and Russia in 181st place.

By contrast, the situation in Botswana, this year’s partner country of the Berlin tourism fair ITB, has improved. Although homosexuality is not prohibited there, men have been convicted of “unnatural acts” in recent years. Since 2016, however, the country has been striving to review and abolish that law. After a respective court order the first LGBT organisation in the country could be founded last year.

The Spartacus Gay Travel Index is compiled by the editorial staff of Spartacus International Gay Guide, the world’s leading gay travel guide. For over 45 years, the guide has been providing information about hotels, bars and clubs around the world where gay travellers can feel safe. The updated edition of the travel guide will be published later this month.

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