Hottest gay beaches: Germany

Germany really offers gay holidaymakers everything: from the party and electrical capital Berlin to cultural diversity to mountains and the sea. Nudism is also not frowned upon in Germany and is practised on many beaches. Some of them are particularly …


Germany | Cologne

24 hours: A gay day in Cologne

Berlin – who?, people would ask as Cologne was the most popluar destination for gay tourists in the 1990s. The hype about Berlin has certainly shifted the focus, but Cologne still does not only hold the famous carnival, but also Germany’s biggest Pride parade. SPARTACUS has visited the largest city on the Rhine – and we will show you how to enjoy Cologne best.


Germany | Berlin

10 things you must do to feel like a real gay Berliner

Welcome to Berlin, Baby! Here are 10 things you must do to feel like a real gay Berliner.


Germany | Sylt

Stiff breeze

It does not always have to be Gran Canaria or Mykonos. Germany’s most northern island of Sylt has a lot to offer for your summer holiday.


Germany | Ostsee

A world apart

North of Rostock, on the Darss, the Baltic Sea is still as it has always been: Quiet, natural and even a tad gay.


Germany | Bayern


He was cosidered a homophile excentric and left visible traces with his castles in the picturesque landscape of Upper Bavaria. A trip in the footsteps of fairy king Ludwig II.



Iran | 22.09.2020

Almost two out of three queer Iranians* experience violence from their families

These are incredible figures: More than four out of ten queer Iranians*, i.e. almost half of all respondents, have already been victims of sexual violence or rape – again mostly starting from their own families. This is the result of research by the leading Iranian queer organisation 6Rang, which shows how widespread violence against queer people is in the West Asian country.


Finland | 21.09.2020

Kisses, burgers and bigotry: Homophobes etch against fast food advertising

When two mascots kiss, the intolerants snort with rage. That’s what happened in Finland, where fast food giant Burger King installed billboards to celebrate Helsinki Pride Week 2020. The message of the advertisement: Love conquers all. Arch-conservatives are upset about this and claim that gay kisses have nothing to do with love – but with perversion.


USA | 20.09.2020

US primary elections: Dragqueen wins against homophobe politician

Earl Jaques Jr. (72) attacked his challenger Eric Morrison (45) because he is known as a drag queen and also threw himself into a fumble during the election campaign. Jaques has been sitting in the Delaware House of Representatives since 2009. Morrison had the powdered nose ahead in the elections: Jaques lost to the openly gay challenger who is considered progressive. The election was about who is allowed to fight for the Democrats for the seat in the Delaware House of Representatives.


USA | 19.09.2020

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: America’s liberal conscience is dead

Ruth Bader Ginsburg could no longer fulfil the hope that the seriously ill judge at the Supreme Court would hold out until the majority of the Trump Party was broken. Yesterday, the 87-year-old fighter for equal rights died.


Great Britain | 18.09.2020

British rugby player comes out as bisexual

Levi Davis (22) is the first rugby player to admit to being a queer at the beginning of his career – and the first to admit to being bisexual. The Briton explained that he had previously struggled with psychological problems and alcohol and that outing would help him to end the shame and the game of hide-and-seek. The reactions to the outing were overwhelmingly positive.


Poland | 17.09.2020

Ursula von der Leyen: “LGBT-free zones have no place in our Union”

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen spoke out strongly against discrimination against LGBTIQ*s in Poland in her first State of the Union address on 16 September.