Greece is a paradise for gay tourists. World famous is of course Mykonos, but the other islands and the mainland also offer many attractions for gay tourists. We have listed the most famous beaches for you, sorted by mainland / islands.



Mainland Greece

1. Near Athens


Close to the Greek capital Athens, you will find the Vouliagmeni Beach – only 25 kilometres away. The beach is considered very gay-friendly and is ideal for a day trip. There are nice restaurants and cafés with a great view nearby.

Not far away is Limanakia Beach, at most a half an hour drive from the capital. The beach has significantly more gay visitors. However, the bathing conditions here are not so good, although the turquoise blue water looks breathtaking. It is a natural area with stony ground. It is a nudist beach with mainly gay visitors.


2. Near Thessaloniki

Near the Greek city of Thessaloniki there are several beaches where the gay community meets. There is the nudist beach Epanomi, which is divided into two parts – the sand dunes and the abandoned campsite. In the first part, mainly heterosexuals meet, the campsite is considered a gay crusing area. We cannot confirm this.
The nudist beach Korinos, just outside the town of Katerini, is also considered a gay cruising area.


Greek Islands

You can find the best gay beaches on Mykonos in a separate article here.

1. Corfu

Acharavi Beach



One of the most famous and beautiful beaches of Corfu is Acharavi Beach. It offers crystal clear water and a breathtaking scenery. Here you can always find gay tourists and locals. In summer, the beach can be crowded, so you could easily switch to other, more remote beaches. One of them is:

Myrtiotissa Beach

The nudist beach is one of the most famous nudist beaches in the country. On the right-hand side, near the cliffs, is where the gay public meets. The beach is lined by high, wooded cliffs and offers access to turquoise blue water.


2. Crete

Komos Beach is located in the south of Crete, near the city of Matala and the village of Pitsidia. From there a road leads directly to the beach. It is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches of the island. The nudist part is mixed, but here you will find many gays – tourists as well as locals. The nudist area is on the right hand side of the archaeological site.

In general, there are many nudist beaches on Crete, where gays are also welcome. In the west of Crete, for example, there is Kavros Beach, near Chanaia and Georgoupolis. It is a nudist beach also popular with gays.


3. Ios



Mylopotas Beach, with its crystal blue water and golden sand, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the island of Ios and even of all Greece. As it is very well known, it is also very crowded in the high season – nevertheless you can find more remote places on the beach. There are also many gays here, but there is no specific gathering point.

4. Naxos

On the island of Naxos, you can find Agia Marina. Nowadays it is no longer a pure nudist beach, but the nudist area is still large, well-known and attracts many gay visitors. It begins behind the parasols. You will find both locals and tourists here – and definitely a lot to see and watch.

6. Santorini



Large, sandy cliffs, a beach with dark sand and a sea that is bluer than the sky – Vlychada Beach offers an incredible backdrop and is definitely worth a visit. The beach is located in the south of Santorini. It’s a beautiful, gay-friendly beach, with many facilities, including a club. The left side is a little more natural and relaxed, nudists are often found here.

7. Rhodes


The famous nudist beach Faliraki Beach is a must for every gay Rhodes holidaymaker. It is a gay friendly beach where everyone can be as they please. You often find gay couples or singles – especially near the trees. The part without trees is mostly heterosexual.
Faliraki offers partly stony and sandy beaches and a wild, natural atmosphere with a great backdrop. There are also several other nudist beaches on Rhodes where gays are welcome, including Kallithea Nudist Beach.


8. Paros


In the north of the island of Paros lies the Lageri Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Cyclades! Turquoise blue water and white sandy beach invite you to swim and have fun. It is a nudist beach with a mixed crowd, but also visited by many gay locals and tourists. They gather at the southern part of the beach, which is considered the “gay part” of the beach.


9. Skiathos


Gay tourists of the Greek island Skiathos should definitely visit Lalaria Beach. The trip is a bit tricky, because you can only reach the beach, which is located in the north of the island, by boat. But for this, an isolated, quiet pebble beach with turquoise blue water, white rocks and a wild, natural beauty rewards you. An absolute postcard motif and worth the trip.

The nudist beach Little Banana is also known as “naked Banana” – and the name says it all. Skiathos has a small gay community that likes to meet here on hot days. Most of them can be found at the far end of the beach, which is considered a gay area.


10. Lesbos


Although the island of Lesbos is a paradise for the L in LGBTIQ, the G is also offered something. The third largest Greek island also has many gay inhabitants and visitors. The most famous beach where you meet many of them is Eftalou-Beach. The last two bays on the long sandy beach are relatively secluded and are therefore often visited by gays and lesbians.

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