Pippi Longstocking’s motto “I’ll make the world as I want it to be” appears to be the tune many homophobes intone in when another economic crisis, hurricane or other catastrophe hits. Blaming the queer community is considered etiquette in some circles. It is thus no wonder that the first apologists now express their opinion that queer people are to blame for the worldwide outbreak of Sars-CoV-2 and Covid-19.

According to the daily paper Israel HaYom, Rabbi Meir Mazuz blamed the queer community for the spread of the virus on Saturday. He claimed that Pride parades were events against nature. If someone fought against nature, the one who created nature would take revenge.

That Covid-19 has so far cost around 200 lives in Iran was simply due to Iran’s hatred of Israel according to the rabbi. In Meir Mazuz’s world of thought, there are no queer structures in Arab countries, no homosexuality and no Pride parades. Therefore these countries have been spared, he claimed on Saturday. Only one case has been officially confirmed there so far – but this information is wrong.

The rabbi’s statements were met with fierce criticism from queer organisations, but also from Jewish associations and modern Orthodox groups. The Zionist movement Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah declared in a statement:

“To use this time of need to incite against the LGBT community is unacceptable. The attempt to make people return to religion must not be done at the cost of harming others.”

But there is Christian approval of the rabbi’s theses from the US: The Christian preacher Steven Andrew also instrumentalises the virus for queer-phobic agitation. In a press release on the website christiannewswire, the preacher unceremoniously declared the month of March as a “month of repentance for LGBT sins”.

Obeying God protects people from diseases such as the corona virus, Andrew claims – but fails to provide any evidence. It is high time to repent for the sins of the queer community, false gods, abortion and other misdemeanours – for that God would protect the whole country from the virus. After all, according to Andrew, the Bible teaches that homosexuals lose their souls and God destroys LGBT communities.

Is transsexuality to blame?

Metropolitan Mark, Archbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church of Berlin and Germany, believes that transsexuality, abortion and euthanasia are to blame for Covid-19. By interfering with nature, mankind would have incurred the wrath of its creator. Prayers should help.

Metropolitan Mark now especially names transsexuality as one of the factors for the current situation. The dignitary, whose secular name is Michael Arndt, published a “missive” on March 19, which appeared on the websites of several Russian Orthodox churches.

In it it is said that man is guilty of apotheosis by wanting to replace God and thoughtlessly interfering in His creation. Apart from transsexuality, the highest dignitary of the Russian Orthodox Church in Germany also mentions abortion, euthanasia and other “manipulations of nature” as iniquities that drew God’s wrath upon mankind:

“Already man, by legalising euthanasia, does not want to accept the time of his death as determined by God; he does not want to recognise the God-given difference between man and woman, the special calling of each one; he is not willing to recognise childbearing as a natural phenomenon of his life; he does not let grain grow naturally.

It would not be surprising, said the metropolitan, that new diseases are constantly appearing for which there is no cure. But the dignitary sees hope: “God is waiting for the conversion of men, do not leave them. Now that the churches are closed, a prayer in the morning and in the evening would help, he recommends believers.”

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