Taiwan is known for the pulsating metropolis of Taipei – after all, it is here where the largest pride in Asia takes place. But the country is also a paradise for gourmets, friends of traditional culture and lovers of majestic mountains.


Taiwan’s Supreme Court called on legislators last year to open marriage to gays and lesbians. For the gay and lesbian community, this is a dream come true that has been cherished for a long time, making the small country a pioneer in equal rights in Asia. But that did not come as a complete surprise: Taipei has been the venue for the continent’s largest Pride parade for years. Pride will take to the streets on 27 October this year. There will be many parties including the circuit parties known as Formosa Pride. Taipei’s queer scene is also worth a visit outside Pride season. Several bars and clubs can be found around the Red House, a historic building in the Ximending district.

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LGBT-meetingplace: Red House Square


Tainan, in the southwest of Taiwan, was once the political capital of the whole country – and is still the capital of culinary arts. A stroll through the city’s kitchens begins at Fort Provintia, in the heart of the historic city centre. Do not miss Tainan’s famous Danzai noodles, a local speciality for which each restaurant has its own secret recipe. With this under your belly, a visit to Old Shennong Street is the most fun, a restored historic street with fascinating temples and interesting galleries. In the evening you can stroll through one of over 30 night markets. The largest is the Tainan Flowers Night Market where over 400 stalls offer their culinary specialities. Make sure you bring enough room and a healthy appetite.

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Taroko Nationalpark



Taiwan can do more than just cities: the counterpart to the big cities in the west is the mountain range in the east of the country. Its highest peaks measure up to almost 4,000 metres. Sika deers and the Taiwanese black bear with its characteristic white fur collar live here among other animals. Many Taiwanese regard the bear as a kind of mascot of their country. You can explore Taroko National Park on numerous hiking trails, situated near the city of Hualien and easily accessible by bus and train. Mountain streams rush through steep gorges that appear almost black bas the rock is dark granite. Waterfalls make a lot of noise as the water falls from considerable hights. You will even spot the odd pagoda on the top of a mountain. A bit closer to the coast it finally appears as if the mountains sink spectacularly, but very slowly into the Pacific Ocean.

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Lantern festival



At the end of the Chinese year, the Taiwanese send their best wishes to heaven. There are lantern festivals in January and February everywhere in the country. The largest festival is the Taiwan Lantern Festival, which is held in a different region every year. As the year of the pig begins next year according to the Chinese calendar, a huge lantern in the shape of this animal will be at the centre of the event. The celebration will take place in Dapeng Bay, south of Taiwan’s second largest city, Kaohsiung. It can be easily reached from Taipei by the Taiwan High Speed Rail in about 90 minutes. Smaller towns are served by Taiwan Railways trains.
For more information about Taiwan, visit eng.taiwan.net.tw

Taiwan ranked 41st in the Spartacus Gay Travel Index 2019 amongst other countries, such as Italy and Bolivia.

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