Gay Events Sydney

Spartacus offers you the most comprehensive guide for queer events in and around Sydney. We currently have 4 events in 2 locations for you and listed them in a clear arrangement. Feel like dancing? Or rather like a relaxed pub night with friends? A special adventure or a kinky night? We show you the right place for every fancy, from big events to gay clubs. We always give you the latest information.

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Sydney Friday

The Bank
Battlesnake Atomic Plough Single Launch w/Sloan Peterson//Apache

26 Jul 7pm - 12am

The Atomic Plough tells the story of a medieval catapult on tank tracks, V12 powered with a merlin nuclear engine. Its core source of power is its colossal brain encased in double glazed glass.

Slyfox Hotel
Humbugger Tour - Sydney - The Sly Fox

26 Jul 8pm - 11:59pm

Join Magnus. for the release of the second single off their upcoming album Detachment.

Slyfox Hotel
Oblique presents Youandewan (The Brane/Small Hours)

26 Jul 10pm - 6am

Okay, we’re back, and we’ve been wanting to let this cat out of the bag for a while now. After a little winter hiatus from the slyfox, we will be returning with none other than, youandewan.

Sydney Saturday

Slyfox Hotel
Honeydrip Launch Party w/ Megan & The Vegans + Elevator District

27 Jul 8pm - 11pm

"There's a movement we've been grooving on You can move or stay your ass asleep!" - Anderson .