USA | Philadelphia

Gay in Philly

Cream cheese, AIDS drama and a catchy tune by Bruce Springsteen – everyone associates his very own with Philadelphia. But what makes the city so attractive for gay holidaymakers?



Proud and unprejudiced

The sunshine state is one of the most popular travel destinations for LGBT worldwide.


USA | Palm Springs


Palm Springs is a desert oasis which offers something for everyone. Palm Springs is only two hours drive from Los Angeles and has long been a popular getaway for Californians as well as gay men from all over the US. …


USA | Key West

Stopover: KEY WEST

A bit wacky, mostly optimistic and overall quite free-spirited: this is how Key West presents itself to its visitors. Naturally, the queer scene has been taking root here for decades. And perfect for a holiday combining party with culture and relaxation.


USA | Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg: From Florida with Love

The Gulf of Mexico around Saint Petersburg is known for its fine white beaches. But the city itself is also worth a visit: Pretty neighborhoods, lots of culture and one of Florida’s largest gay communities offer a full program.


USA | Palm Springs

Palm Springs: playground for adults

Palm Springs’ heyday in the 1950s has not only left behind a great architectural heritage, but also a reputation as a refuge for the stars that the city still claims.


USA | Dallas & Fort Worth

A perfect day in: Dallas and Fort Worth

At the birthplace of Western culture in Texas, you can still admire taut boys on beautiful horses – for example at the Gay Rodeo. But the twin cities of Dallas and Fort Worth have more to offer.


USA | New Orleans

A perfect day in: New Orleans

Sinning more beautifully in America? – The Southern metropolis New Orleans attracts with frolic parties and wicked bars.


Canada | Québec

Gay bliss in Canada’s cool east

The province of of Québec is an ideal place to follow your bliss even outside of Montreal.



Stockholm Pride 3 (c) Stockholm Pride

SPARTACUS Gay Travel Index 2019

Portugal, Sweden, and Canada are the most LGBT-friendly travel countries – Germany is slipping.


USA | Tampa | 01.08.2018

New Gay Guide for Tampa

A new brochure “Visit Tampa Gay” informs about the different neighbourhoods and attractions and gives insider tips from prominent members of the local LGBTIQ* community.


USA | San Francisco | 08.04.2018

San Francisco: Airport honours Harvey Milk

Terminal 1 at San Francisco Airport will in future be named after the gay politician Harvey Milk, who was murdered in 1978.


Germany | Berlin | 14.03.2018

These are the winners of the first SPARTACUS Travel Awards

For the first time in its nearly 50-year history, SPARTACUS, one of the best-known brands for the international LGBT travel community, has awarded the SPARTACUS Travel Award.



1st place for Canada and Sweden

The new SPARTACUS Gay Travel Index names the LGBT Friendliest Travel Destinations. Canada and Sweden share the first place – Germany is catching up.


Berlin | 28.02.2018

ITB Berlin: So many offers for gays and lesbians as never before

Even bigger and even more diverse: from 7 to 11 March 2018, ITB Berlin will be presenting the world’s most extensive range of holiday offers as well as the latest travel trends and offers for gays and lesbians at a travel fair.